Drones are not toys – they are dangerous

Recently, a popular Bollywood singer was hit by a drone in a live concert, causing him to sustain injuries to the back of his head and fingers, as seen in the viral video.

In conversation with Parth Sompura, a licensed drone pilot, filmmaker, and Founder of Parth Sompura Films LLP, he said, “Everyone using the airspace, whether they are doing so for work or just for fun, should be accountable for how they fly. They are small flying devices, sent whizzing into the sky by little more than a remote control. But how long before a drone causes an air disaster? For example, a drone flying too close to a person or property can result in injury or damage, and a drone flying in restricted airspace can pose a threat to aircraft.

So, if we can’t always trust owners to fly drones responsibly, and the potentially deadly craft can’t be easily detected, then we need to stop considering them toys and accept that they are air vehicles, just like any other aircraft. And we need to regulate them as such – for commercial as well as safety reasons.

Drones are lots of fun to fly and open a world of possibilities for artistic expression, entertainment, and even employment. The level of risk is relatively low when caution is exercised and safety features are utilised. But the best way to make your drone flights safer is to gain experience. Log those hours of practice, and as you develop expertise and skill, your confidence in your own safety and those nearby can pretty much be taken for granted.

There are all kinds of exciting developments happening in this field, and hobbyists are now able to pick up a device for relatively little money. But as more and more of these devices come onto the market, more grisly images are popping up online to show what happens when people lose control.

The main limiting factor for a drone is often the untrained pilot at its helm. However, getting a licensed drone pilot is very important because they understand how to operate safely. These skilled professionals take their jobs and the industry as a whole very seriously.

Drones can cause injuries because of their quick movements, rotating parts, sharp blades, and edges. Injuries may happen not just to the user, but to anyone else in the area. Third-party liability insurance for the drone is mandatory for all drones, except for nano drones. The insurance is similar to motor car insurance and protects drone fliers from damages to a third person or property due to a crash or incident.

There are times when you find drone service rates so low they defy logic. They’re offering the ‘same’ service as everyone else but at a fraction of the cost. So, what’s going on? Is it actually a good deal, or is it simply too good to be true? You guessed it. You get what you pay for. When you come across pilots like these, it’s often because the pilot isn’t flying legally. They don’t have the proper certifications and are likely uninsured. Hence, it is very important for corporates to check the certification of drone pilots before hiring them.

It is estimated that India will require one lakh trained drone pilots by next year. Let’s join hands and together make India a global drone hub.

About Parth Sompura:

“Parth Sompura is a photographer, filmmaker, and licensed drone pilot based in Mumbai. He has been working with top corporates and real estate firms to produce corporate films and capture aerial imagery. You can connect with him at info@parthsompurafilms.in.”



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