Ways to Get Lord Hanuman Blessings As per the Best Astrologer

Lord Hanuman- Everyone has to pass through a rough phase or struggles at some point. Are you also finding it difficult to overcome tricky and challenging situations in life? Therefore, to get divine bliss, one should worship Lord Hanuman. However, if you wonder about the several ways to worship him, then connecting with and consulting the Best Astrologer in Delhi is helpful. They can guide how Bajrangbali Ji can be worshipped to get his blessings. However, in this post, let us also list certain ways by which one can gain Lord Hanuman’s blessings. 


The Six Ways to Get Lord Hanuman Blessings 


  •         Recite Hanuman Chalisa: Hanuman Chalisa is written by the poet Tulsi Das, and one should recite it daily to overcome challenging situations in life. These problems and issues may be related to a number of life aspects such as legal matters, marriage, health, career, business, property, etc. Reciting Hanuman Chalisa is also helpful in eliminating the fears and stress from life. It brings good luck, positivity, and subtle aura and vibes. The devotees may also do Sunderkand Path to gain Lord’s blessings. 


  •         Visit Lord Hanuman Temple: Visiting Lord Hanuman Temple and reciting Hanuman Chalisa, Bajrang Baan, and Sankatmochan Hanuman Ashtak is highly beneficial in getting Lord Hanuman’s blessings. However, one can also read it at home. The individual should visit Lord Hanuman Temple, if not daily, specifically on Tuesdays and Saturdays. A genuine astrologer in Delhi may be able to guide the devotees on how to perform Puja at a temple or home.


  •         Light a Lamp: After visiting the temple, the individual should light the lamp of mustard or sesame oil in front of Lord Hanuman’s idol. It is best if it is done every Saturday and Tuesday. 


  •         Offering Laddoos: Laddoos can be offered to Lord Hanuman as “Bhog.” The “tulsi patta” can be kept in the bhog, and then it should be offered to him. Then, this sweet must be eaten by the devotee and should be distributed among others. It helps bring happiness and make the individual free from all troubles. 


  •         Offering Tulsi Maala: Offering “Tulsi Maala” to Lord Hanuman is considered the best remedy and the way to get his blessings. The devotee should offer the “Tulsi Maala” to Bajrangbali Ji on Tuesdays and Saturdays. It helps bring prosperity and good luck.


  •         Offering Red Triangular Flag: After visiting the Lord Hanuman temple, the devotee can offer Red Triangular Flag to his idol. It is to be taken care that it should be Red and triangular, and Lord Ram’s name should be engraved on it. Following this remedy, every Tuesday helps in keeping the financial health good. It also works as the remedy for debt and loan problems and the foreign travel.



Things to Avoid on Tuesday 


Along with following the above, the devotees should avoid doing certain things on Tuesdays. These are mentioned below:


  •         Avoid taking Loans 
  •         Avoid cooking Urad Daal
  •         Avoid cutting Nails and Hair
  •         Avoid arguing with the Elders 
  •         Avoid having Non-vegetarian Food
  •         Avoid buying and wearing Black Clothes


Pawan Putra can be worshipped to clear off all the miseries from life. But it is to be noted that the individual should worship him by maintaining the cleanliness of body, mind, and soul. This post’s purpose is to inform all the readers about the ways to get his blessings. One should consult the Famous Astrologer in India to know about various ways to worship Lord Hanuman and to follow them the right way. Dr. Anima Bhattacharya Ji is a well-known astrologer. She guides individuals and provides them with the remedies to deal with various life problems with over twenty years of expertise. She analyzes the birth chart of the individuals. The basis of this suggests the pathway toward leading a better life. So, please book your appointment with her to get remedies to bring good luck and peace to your life. 


Description: Worshipping Lord Hanuman, according to the Best Astrologer in India, helps in bringing peace, good luck, and prosperity in life. Know here the ways to worship him. 


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