One More Feather in His Cap | New Song ‘Zulmi’ by Nikhil Bisht


While taking the huge leap towards his success, Nikhil Bisht recently dropped his first single song with a boom entitled ‘Zulmi’ along with the music video produced by ‘Famous Gang’ and released on ‘Tips Channel’ dated 5th April 2023 (click here to watch the music video).  Here’s to the praise towards the Co actor- Aashi Sharma, lyrics by Dilli, and direction by Mukul from Knight Pictures. The music track gives a romantic feel which is engrossing and alluring. This song has that humming trait that makes the audience go crazy and the music go viral.

Let me portray his personality a little. With this music video, he connected from the start since he considered it as his new opportunity. He is a spiritual man from within who believes in manifesting life through his dreams, doesn’t matter if it takes baby steps at times. He only listens to his heart when following his passion, which is creating music. Keep hustling is what he loves. Ambitiousness runs in his blood, mind, and heart.

The track is available now at all digital retail providers. Manifestly, it has been a momentous time while working on this project that too with a huddle of patience, dedication, and commitment. It takes a lot of focus, belief, and dedication when you took an oath to rise toward career progression.

Nikhil Bisht is a versatile person, who is not only a music producer but knows singing, acting, songwriting, and composing as well. Of his passion for music, he committed his life to it. Zulmi has worked with various legendary artists such as Javed Ali, Mh. Irfan, Raja Hasan and Dev Negi. He always looks forward to growing more towards accomplishment and gaining more exposure in this field.

He received many acknowledgments, and a short time ago he got awarded the ‘National Excellence Icon Award 2022’ 3rd edition on 29th May 2022 by Virus Wings Production at Palm Green Resorts, Delhi. Awards are meant to relish an artist’s work, giving more importance to their work and boosting their confidence a lot more than before.

Who doesn’t want to be on cloud nine? The feeling of being known as a ‘self-made man’ is astounding. In recent times, not losing gratitude while going upward makes success feel right and powerful. Success includes efforts to a greater extent with a mind full of patience and enthusiasm at the same time. These two qualities are a must-have when you decide to work endlessly on your dream projects.

At this time, Nikhil Bisht is dedicating his time only to the music and walking towards the path of dignity while maintaining the value of gratefulness. Hold on to your hats, there is a lot of exciting content coming your way in no time. In the meantime, watch the newly launched music video ‘Zulmi’ on the Tips channel on YouTube. People are already admiring it and I wish this gets appreciation to an increasing extent. Check out his Instagram profile to stay updated.




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