Corporate Shuttle Solutions

Corporate Shuttle Solutions: The Future of Transportation


Companies frequently turn to corporate shuttle solutions to solve their employees’ commuting issues. They believe that with company commutes, employees will arrive on time. It lets them spend less money and will have a more comfortable ride to work.


Even though companies spend a lot of money to make the necessary arrangements, the results don’t live up to expectations. These are some of the most common complaints:


  • paying for vehicle fuel
  • paying for vehicle maintenance
  • expanding parking
  • traffic management


They use corporate cars to solve employee transportation problems when corporate shuttles are a far better solution.


Five Reasons Why a Corporate Shuttle Solution is the Future of Transportation


  1. Employee Shuttle Services Give Employees a Convenient Mode of Commuting to Work

They have a lot to think about if they want to get to work on time. If they own a car, they have to plan their commute around traffic and the condition of the roads. It makes sure that their car is in good shape and that there is parking close to their office.


Getting to work can be even more stressful for people who take public transportation. After all, they have to get to work while taking into account when public transportation runs and when traffic is bad.


Also, they have to spend hours in uncomfortable, crowded public transportation during rush hour. In either case, employees arrive at the office tired. And this impacts their performance at work.


A corporate shuttle solution can remove the hassle of waiting for public transit or having an uncomfortable journey altogether. It will arrive at your employees’ doorstep simultaneously every day. Employees can enter the shuttle and get seated according to their allotted seats. They need not worry about paying for their trip or parking while traveling to work.


  1. A Corporate Shuttle Service Can Help Reduce Costs

A corporate shuttle solution is more suitable if you are extending commute support to all your employees. The lower fuel and parking costs balance out the high purchase cost. 


After all, a corporate shuttle solution takes only a few round trips compared to cars that ply multiple times a day. Ultimately, this reduces the number of miles traveled and fuel costs.


Another benefit of a corporate shuttle solution is that it requires less parking space than a car fleet. It saves your security and parking costs. Not to mention the number of maintenance checks is lower, and so are the driver fees.


  1. A Corporate Transportation Solution Ensures Companies Maintain Their Standards

A 2022 report found that 44% of CEOs believe a company’s climate initiatives affect recruiting and retention. The good news is that a corporate shuttle solution can help you with it.


As mentioned earlier, the total miles your fleet travels drop when you use a corporate shuttle solution. The shuttle follows a defined route between pickup points, unlike a car that lets employees off at home.


A corporate shuttle solution can also transport a more significant number of employees in one go compared to a corporate car. This means fewer trips and lower fossil fuel emissions too.


  1. A Corporate Transportation Service Offers Flexible Office Commuting

Since many employees take the shuttle every day, you might think that shuttles don’t give you much freedom. 


Managers can change shuttle routes based on which employees are coming to work on a given day. Managers can add pick-up points to make sure that if more employees need the shuttle, they will be picked up on time.


Once done, employees receive a notification of the updated shuttle schedule on the corporate shuttle solution app. Instead of waiting for a schedule adjustment, customers can appear at their pick-up places when the shuttle arrives. 


Today, many companies also offer corporate commute shuttle solutions to employees working overtime. This reduces the stress of finding safe commute options at varying times of the day and improves the overall employee experience.


  1. A Corporate Shuttle Solution is Easy to Manage

A corporate shuttle solution does not require extensive management. For example, managers don’t have to count employees’ attendance by hand to make sure that there are enough people in each shuttle seat.


Today, they can use methods that don’t require contact to record employee attendance from a distance. Managers can make regular routes with set places to pick up and drop off people to make route optimization easier.


Using the integrated dashboard, which shows all important shuttle management functions in one place, they can also make it easier to run the commuter service. Employees can also feel safe while riding the shuttle to and from work.


They can use the live tracking feature to find out the status of the shuttle and where it is going, making their commute less uncertain. Also, they can use the SOS functions in the app to get in touch with the control room right away in an emergency.


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MoveInSync’s Corporate Shuttle Solution Can Give Your Employees the Comfortable Commute They Deserve


A modern corporate shuttle solution can provide your employees with a comfortable commute with luxurious vehicles. It can also reduce your transportation costs, and reduce your time managing your transport. And if you are looking for a shuttle solution that does all this and more, try MoveInSync.


MoveInSync offers an end-to-end SaaS solution and fully cleaned shuttles to make your office’s commute easier. Our integrated dashboards make management easier, and our top-notch data analytics help you get the most out of your fleet.


With MoveInSync’s easy-to-use workflows, it’s easy to plan routes and shuttle times. Also, it is easier to make accurate bills that can be checked, and it is also easier to make sure that drivers follow the rules.


MoveInSync will help your employees get to and from work in a safe and worry-free way. Visit our website to find out everything about what we have to offer. Set up a demo of our software so you can try it out for yourself today.


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