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Driving Growth and Innovation: The Visionary Leadership of Achal Veer Srivastava in the Pharmaceutical Industry





Achal Veer Srivastava, a visionary leader in the pharmaceutical industry, has made significant contributions to the growth and success of Glatt Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd. With a strong entrepreneurial background and expertise in supply chain management, product development, and customer relations, Srivastava has propelled the company to new heights. Additionally, his commitment to community welfare sets him apart as a leader with a holistic approach.


Entrepreneurial Journey and Success

Achal Veer Srivastava’s entrepreneurial journey has been marked by the founding of successful businesses and involvement in various startups. With his role as Founder & CEO, he has consistently driven growth and profitability in highly competitive markets. Alongside Glatt Pharmaceuticals, Srivastava has also made significant contributions to Baya India Industries Pvt. Ltd, focusing on the direct-to-consumer market for processed food. These entrepreneurial endeavors have showcased his ability to navigate diverse industries and emerge as a successful leader.


Expertise and Leadership

Srivastava’s expertise lies in managing complex supply chains, developing successful product lines, and establishing strong relationships with customers and stakeholders. With a background in marketing and management systems, as well as a degree in Electronic Instrumentation & Control, he brings a unique skill set to his leadership role. Srivastava’s proficiency has been instrumental in driving Glatt Pharmaceuticals’ success and maintaining high manufacturing standards. His strategic vision and commitment to excellence have enabled the company to deliver export-ready products that adhere to international regulatory requirements.


Contribution to Glatt Pharmaceuticals

Under Achal Veer Srivastava’s guidance, Glatt Pharmaceuticals has emerged as a trusted name in Eastern UP and Uttarakhand. The company’s unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has propelled its growth and garnered recognition. Srivastava’s emphasis on quality control and adherence to the highest standards of purity, potency, and safety has shaped the company’s culture. Additionally, his focus on innovation has driven Glatt Pharmaceuticals’ research and development efforts, resulting in a diverse portfolio of pharmaceutical products that cater to evolving customer needs.


Commitment to the Community

Achal Veer Srivastava’s dedication extends beyond entrepreneurial pursuits, as he actively supports causes related to education, healthcare, and the environment. His involvement as a visiting faculty member at Naraina Group of Institutions Kanpur allows him to share his knowledge and expertise with aspiring professionals, contributing to the development of future leaders. Furthermore, Srivastava’s role as a consultant and investor for various companies and organizations demonstrates his commitment to fostering growth and innovation in multiple sectors. His holistic approach reflects a deep-rooted desire to create a positive impact in society.


Achal Veer Srivastava’s visionary leadership has transformed Glatt Pharmaceuticals into a reputable company that delivers quality pharmaceutical products. His expertise in supply chain management, product development, and customer relations has been instrumental in the company’s success. Moreover, Srivastava’s commitment to community welfare showcases his dedication to making a positive difference beyond the business realm. With him at the helm, Glatt Pharmaceuticals continues to thrive in Eastern UP, Uttarakhand, and international markets.



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