Edred,India’s Futuristic Leading Edtech Company, is at the forefront of this change. Using Interactive Glass Board Technology, Edred is transforming how students learn and teachers instruct across India. Education has been undergoing a technological revolution in recent years. As artificial intelligence and virtual reality take hold, classrooms are evolving beyond recognition. 

As technology reshapes nearly every industry, education has not been left behind. Companies like Edred are ensuring students develop skills that will be essential for success in the booming economy. By fusing cutting-edge EdTech with traditional teaching methods, Edred’s Glass board represents the future of education in India and beyond. The potential for interactive and immersive learning is limitless in today’s digital world.

Edred: India’s First Edtech Company Using Glassboards

Edred is India’s first EdTech company utilising glassboard technology for interactive learning. Founded in 2021, Edred provides online and offline skill-based courses in fields like Digital Marketing, Human Resources, Accounting & Finance, Information Technology, and SAP. Their innovative glassboards enable professors to write, draw, and present information in a collaborative manner during live teaching sessions, through online mode.

Edred’s mission is to make education accessible and affordable using cutting-edge technology. Their glassboards allow professors to engage students through multimedia presentations, digital notes, and real-time feedback during lessons. This interactive and collaborative learning experience results in higher student engagement and improved learning outcomes.

With training center across Bangalore, Edred offers flexible course schedules to suit students’ needs. Their industry-aligned curriculum and 100% placement assistance help students gain in-demand skills and kickstart their careers. Edred’s courses are taught by experienced professionals and industry experts passionate about student success.

What Is Glassboard Technology?

Glassboard technology is an innovative new teaching method developed by Edred, an edtech company based in Bangalore, India. Glass Boards are interactive digital boards with writing capability, allowing instructors to deliver engaging and collaborative lessons.This technology has been initiated by Edred, to ensure a blend of traditional learning and Modern Minds. It allows the students to onboard their doubts and get it cleared with a visual description. 

What Are the Benefits of Glassboards?

Glass Boards offer many advantages over traditional chalkboards and whiteboards. They are very user-friendly, with an intuitive interface that is easy to learn. Instructors can instantly pull up subject content, visualisations, charts, presentations, and more. They support handwritten formats for presenting content on the screen like the traditional chalkboards. 

Lessons come alive with texts, drawings, interactive methods, and web resources at the instructor’s fingertips. Students stay focused and retain more information thanks to the dynamic and multi-sensory learning experience.

Glassboards also enable remote collaboration. Instructors and students can learn together on the same screen from different locations. This allows for virtual classrooms, distance learning, and connecting with subject matter experts from around the world.

How Edred Uses Glassboard Technology

Edred offers a variety of courses in fields such as Digital Marketing, Human Resources, Accounting & Finance, IT, and SAP using glassboard technology for online classes. The glassboards create an engaging learning environment for students to gain valuable, in-demand skills.

With a mission to make high-quality education accessible to all, Edred’s use of innovative glassboard technology is prepared to revolutionize the way we teach and learn in this century. Students everywhere can benefit from interactive, collaborative, and personalized lessons, gaining knowledge and preparing for successful careers.

How Glassboard brings the realistic learning experience

The glassboards facilitate active learning and collaboration. Instructors and students can discuss together using the glassboards to solve problems, allowing them to think out loud and get instant feedback from peers and instructors. This collaborative experience leads to a deeper understanding of concepts and development of critical thinking skills that are useful beyond the classroom.

Instructors can also use the glass boards to demonstrate concepts in an engaging way. For example, in the digital marketing class, an instructor can have a chart and plans on a specific topic and manipulate digital creatives to demonstrate how the domain and creatives work. In the IT sessions, an instructor can have the entire code written & arranged that  manipulates live results of the codes. This helps the students to understand the real hand demonstration of the course content and material. 

In addition to providing an interactive experience, the glassboards offer cutting-edge technology for remote learning. Using built-in cameras, microphones and video conferencing software, instructors can teach lessons on the glassboards to students located anywhere with an Internet connection. This allows greater access to high-quality education for students in remote areas or with scheduling conflicts.

 The Benefits of Glass board-Based Learning

Flexible and Accessible Learning

The glassboard learning system allows students to join live online classes or access pre-recorded lessons at any time. This flexibility accommodates different learning styles and schedules. Edred’s Students can revisit lessons as needed to strengthen their understanding.

Engaging Digital Content

Instructors can incorporate graphics, videos, simulations, and other multimedia into glassboard lessons. This rich digital content leads to higher student engagement and knowledge retention. Lessons come alive for learners in an exciting new way.

Valuable Data and Insights

Glassboard technology provides data and analytics to help Edred’s educators track student progress and engagement. Instructors gain valuable insights into how students are interacting with lessons and where they may need additional support. This data enables them to tailor lessons and resources to better meet the needs of their students.

In conclusion, Edred’s innovative glassboard technology is organised to significantly impact the future of education. It is transforming how people gain and share knowledge. Their diverse course offerings in high-demand fields mean that people at all stages of their careers can benefit from Edred’s cutting-edge and engaging educational experiences. While still a young company, Edred has already helped many students and professionals advance their skills and careers. With continued growth and success, Edred’s Virtual Interactive Glass boards may soon become a ubiquitous part of education and help unlock human potential on a massive scale.


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