SpiceJet Promoter Bid for Bankrupt Go First: Implications for Budget Carrier’s Future

SpiceJet Promoter’s Bid for Bankrupt Go First: Turbulence Ahead for Budget Carrier

SpiceJet Managing Director, Ajay Singh, and Busy Bee Airways have joined forces to submit a bid for the acquisition of GoFirst airline, as announced by SpiceJet on Friday. Struggling under financial burdens, Go First ceased its operations in May last year, entering into an insolvency resolution process.

The bid, submitted by Ajay Singh in his personal capacity, marks a strategic move for SpiceJet, which will serve as an operational partner for the revitalization of the new airline. As part of the collaboration, SpiceJet will provide essential staff, services, and industry expertise, aiming to harness synergies between the two carriers for improved cost management, revenue growth, and a fortified market position within India’s aviation sector.


The decision to pursue GoFirst underscores Ajay Singh’s belief in the airline’s untapped potential and the envisioned mutual benefits stemming from close cooperation with SpiceJet. Emphasizing GoFirst’s assets, including coveted slots at domestic and international airports, international traffic rights, and a substantial order for over 100 Airbus Neo planes, Singh expressed optimism about leveraging the strengths of both brands for collective growth and success.

With GoFirst having filed for bankruptcy in May last year, the airline finds itself encumbered by debts owed to various creditors, including Central Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, IDBI Bank, and Deutsche Bank, amounting to a total of ₹6,521 crore.

Following the announcement, SpiceJet shares witnessed a surge in buying activity during Friday’s trading session. The share price opened higher and peaked at ₹71.90 each, representing a significant 13% increase from Thursday’s closing price of ₹63.63 on the National Stock Exchange.

The collaborative bid for GoFirst signals a strategic maneuver , presenting opportunities for expansion, consolidation, and synergy-driven growth within the Indian aviation landscape. As stakeholders await further developments, the potential acquisition holds implications not only for the involved parties but also for the broader dynamics of the budget carrier segment.

The collaboration between Ajay Singh and Busy Bee Airways to bid for GoFirst underscores a strategic opportunity amidst the turbulence of the aviation industry. As SpiceJet extends its operational reach to support the revival of GoFirst, the partnership seeks to navigate challenges and capitalize on synergies for sustainable growth.

With GoFirst navigating through insolvency proceedings since its cessation of operations in May last year, the bid led by Ajay Singh represents a lifeline for the airline, offering prospects for debt resolution and operational rejuvenation. The infusion of expertise, resources, and strategic direction from SpiceJet augurs well for GoFirst’s revival, potentially unlocking its latent value and positioning it for a resurgence in the competitive aviation market.

Ajay Singh’s conviction in GoFirst’s potential stems from its strategic assets, including prime slots at key airports, international traffic rights, and a substantial aircraft order book. Leveraging these assets in conjunction with SpiceJet’s operational capabilities and market presence holds the promise of enhancing both airlines’ competitiveness and market positioning, fostering a symbiotic relationship that drives mutual growth and success.


As the bid progresses, stakeholders will closely monitor developments, recognizing the implications for trajectory and the broader aviation landscape. The successful acquisition of GoFirst could pave the way for SpiceJet to expand its market share, diversify its offerings, and strengthen its foothold in both domestic and international markets.


The surge in share price following the bid announcement reflects investor optimism surrounding the strategic move, underscoring confidence in Ajay Singh’s vision and the potential value creation stemming from the collaboration with GoFirst. However, challenges lie ahead, including navigating regulatory approvals, managing integration complexities, and executing a turnaround strategy amidst evolving market dynamics.

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