COUNSELING SHORTCUTS- “NO ONE IS PERFECT, PERFECTION IS A MYTH”, is something which we came to know as the mindset of the new budding entrepreneurs who we are introducing in this interview. 

Pranav Sharma, the Founder Chairman, Chief Mentor & Non-Executive Director and Urvashi Ranjan, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of COUNSELING SHORTCUTS. Both coming from very different backgrounds and carrying very different mindsets have come up together with this project which they call their brainchild. Initially they were colleagues where they discovered the fact that yet being different in their personalities came to realize that there is something that brings them together. It is their passion for bringing change in their surroundings. Pranav who has been previously related to the education industry as an author, motivational speaker and also an entrepreneur. And Urvashi who has had higher education as working experience in education background itself. Both these youngsters decided to come up together for a cause, which was to bring an evolution in the education industry. COUNSELING SHORTCUTS which has the roots situated to the need of education in the society comes up with really innovative ideas in its making.


The making of this company has yet not been so easy initially with 6 members as a team is now left with only two. As Pranav Heart of the Company and Urvashi as the Brain and Spinal Cord is a very true title given, In Spite of  having dissimilar opinions and different thought structure both the members did never let their disputes hamper their Brainchild. There were days when the company got into immense losses but they survived. LIVING TO RELIVE is what they call their struggle to survive as the Founders of COUNSELING SHORTCUTS. Days passed and their struggle became tougher but they fought not for themselves but for the cause they have come together for.


Counseling Shortcuts has always been the cord that connects these two individuals. At any moment in time they find things getting difficult and whenever it felt like they might not end up together it was this company that brought them together. They fought yet they united to grow their brainchild. Both facing individual issues in their personal lives never let their company go down. This was where their “similarity in dissimilarity” very truly arose to get them to move forward. Whatever they have achieved today is all because of the hard work and efforts they have put in together. It will not be wrong to state that Counseling Shortcuts was never possible without these two. And even today if they are not together this might not move forward.


Ups and Downs are fundamentals to work culture but who have the courage and zeal to deal with these obstacles make way to their dreams. Counseling Shortcuts has stood up from the lowest phase to the highest heights over the weeks. The Founders have developed Counseling Shortcuts through a lot of enthusiastic diligence and still working day and night to bring the heights they have seen their company reaching to. It has required a lot of research and effort to build the company and the duo is working hard to get their innovation. It’s all a matter of time to see what changes the education industry is yet to discover.


Counseling Shortcuts is an ed-tech company that offers support and guidance for transforming careers and building education. They are India’s first Startup India Recognized Virtual Reality Based ED-Tech company and are impacting education in over 13+ countries. Counseling Shortcuts is passionate about helping students find fulfillment and achievement, they have 1:1 personalized classes on academics, public speaking, creative writing through top handpicked teachers. Students here are trained to participate in various debate’s, national and international talent olympiad’s, create their own podcast channels, perform on stage, write nail-biting stories and become confident and fearless speaker’s.


Counseling Shortcuts is introducing a virtual reality-based, world-class education experience. Like any other brand, Counseling Shortcuts too did not emerge overnight; it took years of research and thousands of detailed analysis for the team to come up with this idea. Everything that has been an integral part of the initiative is well prepared keeping in mind the requirements of students and particularly the ed-tech industry, there is a lot new that has not been given any thought till date in the education industry. Counseling Shortcuts aims at making education so affordable and accessible that no one ever feels deprived to get educated. The model of Counseling Shortcuts has been made keeping in mind that at any cost we have to be education centric rather than business centric.


At Counseling Shortcuts the team of energetic members help support students and their dreams. Counseling Shortcuts works with bettering their environment as one of their core visions. They help their learners make the right choices and pave the right trajectory for them. At Counseling Shortcuts they also provide live consultation and broadcasting information for students to help with their education. They also have products and services that can revolutionize education. To learn more about Counseling Shortcuts. Visit:


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