‘Everything I Know About Love’s Statement Coats Are Fall Fashion Goals

Fall is approaching, which means it’s time to seek out some seasonal fashion inspiration.

In years past we’ve looked to Selena Gomez’s cozy Only Murders in the Building threads, Chris Evans’ famous Knives Out sweater, and Nicole Kidman’s fabulous coats in The Undoing when stocking our own closets for the season. And in 2022, we’re blessed with another impeccably-timed on-screen fashionista: Maggie on Everything I Know About Love.

The seven-episode series, based on Dolly Alderton’s best-selling memoir of the same name, premieres on Peacock August 25 after streaming on BBC One in June. Everything I Know About Love is a coming-of-age romantic dramedy set in London that follows longtime besties Maggie (Emma Appleton) and Birdy (Bel Powley) as they transition into adulthood. Fresh out of university, the two move into their first apartment with pals Amara (Aliyah Odoffin) and Nell (Marli Siu) and embark on a quest to find love, pursue their dream jobs, and live their best young lives.

In addition to touching, intimate looks at friendship, the series features a stellar wardrobe packed with a variety of vintage-looking statement coats worn by Maggie. Her life may be a hot mess throughout the series, but at least she always has stunning outwear to help give the illusion that in addition to being stylish and fun, she’s also absolutely thriving.

Emma Appleton as Maggie in EVERYTHING I KNOW ABOUT LOVE
Photo: Matt Squire / Peacock / Universal International Studios Limited

The second Maggie appears on screen it’s clear she knows her coats. The first episode opens with her sprinting down a train platform in 2012. She’s wearing a short tan suede jacket with fringes hanging down the front, off the sleeves, and down the bottom lining of the garment. The fringes blow in the wind, foreshadowing a spontaneous train trip ahead, and the jacket emphasizes her gorgeous caramel hair color. Every episode of Everything I Know About Love has its own Maggie Coat Moment, but the pilot is undoubtedly her most impressive fashion show.

After her fringe ensemble, Maggie switches into a classic short black leather jacket for a night out. The next day, when attempting to look “quite understated” for a date, she dons a black dress and a furry marigold coat. Her man calls her Big Bird, which is accurate, but let’s not act like she isn’t pulling it off. When Maggie gets ready for a night on the town she covers one of her signature sequins numbers with the iconic furry black coat shown above. And her final coat of the episode is a bedazzled jean jacket with silver gems running down the back, collar, and pockets. Her range.

Emma Appleton as Maggie, Connor Finch as Street in EVERYTHING I KNOW ABOUT LOVE
Photo: Simon Webb / Peacock / Universal International Studios Limited

Maggie wears one of her boldest coats to a job interview in Episode 2. It’s long, brown, has a patterned strip running down the sleeves and around the waist, and features a light fur collar and trim. She pairs it with a wide brim hat, making an ensemble that screams Corporate Cochella. Who among us doesn’t need this fit at once? Throughout the seven episodes, Maggie sports beige and leopard print fur coats, a patterned windbreaker, a sharp blazer, and a gorgeous plaid red pea coat in the finale.

Her coat collection is enviable not just because each jacket is a statement maker, but because they perfectly tie together — and in many cases elevate — her overall look. Maggie is a self-described “try hard” who undergoes multiple fantastic wardrobe changes a day, and you simply have to respect it.

Photo: Matt Squire / Peacock / Universal International Studios Limited

In a way, Maggie’s coats act as a visual representation of her vibrant, conflicted, dramatic personality. She’s a daring old soul who’s not afraid to bring back old fashion, she values authenticity, and she desperately wants to appear cool. She isn’t afraid to put her heart out there, and believes in passion, and kismet, and romance.

I never expected my 2022 fall fashion to be shaped by a show set in 2012 that celebrates even earlier eras of fashion, but that’s the power of Everything I Know About Love‘s costume department. Forget everything Maggie knows about love. I want to know everything she knows about coats.

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