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Learnning Tree is a language and communications ed-tech company that has the vision to make every individual multi-lingual. In today’s world where communication is the key to any problem, Learnning Tree is on a mission to make the international language accessible to people all over India. Founded in August 2021, our startup has already served 350+ happy and satisfied students all across India and we aspire to triple the number by the beginning of 2023.


We here at Learnning Tree focus on international language and prepare students to compete in this dynamic world.


In today’s world, we have seen that change is inevitable. Be it the Russian-Ukrainian war or the multi-patent campaigns of Japan, language plays a great role. Be it K-pop Drama or a visit to Paris, no one can escape the blanket of language. Russian, Japanese, Chinese, German, Korean, French and Spanish have taken a front seat on the rollercoaster of the changing dynamics among the countries. 


One cannot just underestimate the importance of learning a foreign language. Come let’s see why it is important for each individual to learn a language.


Japanese: Japan is bringing hundreds of business opportunities worldwide and has the second largest economy in the world after China.


Korean: With the emergence of K-pop Drama and the craze for Korean band BTS, Korean has become the sixteenth most spoken language in the world. Various embassies and MNCs have started recruiting people who can read and write this language.


German: Career is one of the most important motivators for foreign language learning. Fluency in the German language in India has opened up job possibilities in medicine and healthcare, education, logistics, automobile, power and utility, mass media, entertainment, tourism, information technology and many more.


French: The ability to speak both French and English is an advantage for finding a job with the many multinational companies using French as their working language, in a wide range of sectors


Russian: With the global war between Russia and Ukraine, this language has become the need for the hour as Russia is banned from many countries. So now MNCs need people who can speak the Russian language and fill in the void.


Spanish: Many Spanish companies are rapidly increasing footprints in India and giving great career options involving Spanish. Of all the foreign language jobs, Spanish is one of the most sought-after.


Portuguese: If you’re learning Portuguese, you’ll have your pick of quality resources. This also means that Portuguese courses are likely to be more effective than courses for other foreign languages.


Italian: Knowledge of Italian will help you learn other popular European languages. Italian is the base for almost 12 other Romance languages and for which you can be paid in millions as these languages are rare and many people do not opt for them. 


IELTS: IELTS is a key to entering the foreign world. Whether you are going for academics or any job in a foreign land, one needs to pass the minimum IELTS band to establish themselves in the foreign land


To remain competitive in today’s changing environment, we must constantly seek out new skills and knowledge. We, at LearnningTree along with highly capable instructors with a high level of expertise, use their experience to instruct students effectively in achieving proficiency quickly.

Languages which we offer:

  1. Spoken English
  2. IELTS Training
  3. French
  4. German
  5. Spanish 
  6. Italian
  7. Russian 
  8. Portuguese
  9. Japanese 
  10. Korean  
  11. Dutch

Students can pick from a wide range of subjects and can learn from some best teachers across the country to achieve the best results. We offer online classroom programs conducted by India’s top faculty, comprehensive study material designed by our subject matter experts and guide each student to achieve their destined dream of a foreign university or company by preparing them thoroughly for each exam and interview. 

American Dream is now no more a distant phenomenon. Now each and everyone can achieve their forever dream with us. With a dream of making every Indian know at least one foreign language, Learnning Tree is now all set to become India’s number 1 ed-tech company to give quality training in international languages.

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