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Arjun Kapoors sister Anshula shares her inspiring body transformation

Arjun Kapoor’s sister Anshula Kapoor has undergone a really inspiring body transformation in last few months and in a recent Instagram post, she shared how she has learned to “un-hate” herself. Anshula shared a picture of herself sitting by a pool in a bikini and shared how she finally gathered the courage to do so.

She wrote, “3 months ago I remember having a conversation with @priyamganeriwal about swimming costumes, and I remember telling her I would never wear a bikini, I just couldn’t pull it off and I don’t have the confidence to be comfortable in one. Her response was simple – ‘why not? I think you should totally wear one’.”

Anshula added, “Why was I hesitant? Because I’m so used to thinking that I need a particular body type to be able to wear certain clothes.. I’m so conditioned to wanting to hide my body and ‘play it safe’, its like my default setting is to always be like ‘no, I can’t pull that off’. And I’m learning to change this.”

She concluded by stating, “I’m glad I took a chance and bought the bikini. This was one of my favorite days on our holiday.. I felt confident, I felt comfortable in my own skin. This is me chasing joy instead of perfection. And I actually can’t wait to wear this bikini again .


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