Which Is The Better Fall Travel Destination?


North Africa is an incredible part of the world to visit, and two of the most popular destinations for travelers are Morocco and Tunisia. These beautiful countries are rich in culture, offering visitors a chance to immerse themselves in historic streets, experience unparalleled hospitality, sample delicious cuisine, and shop in quaint souks.

So how can travelers decide which country is the best option for their fall travel plans? Both Tunisia and Morocco have plenty going for them and there’s no wrong decision. Based on these 10 factors for travelers to consider, they can decide whether Tunisia or Morocco is right for them this fall.

10 Best For Budget: Tunisia

Both Morocco and Tunisia are comparatively cheaper than the United States for accommodation, food, transportation, and other costs that travelers may incur during their stay.

For this reason, either destination can be considered an extremely affordable option. However, for travelers who really want to keep costs down, Tunisia is the most budget-friendly choice.

While the cost of living in Morocco is 72% more affordable than in the United States, it’s 80% more affordable in Tunisia.

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9 Best For Weather: Morocco

The fall is a pleasant time of year to visit both Tunisia and Morocco, especially for travelers who prefer to escape the scorching summer heat.

While the coast in Morocco is bearable during July and August, much of the country is extremely warm.

However, in the fall, Morocco boasts slightly better weather than Morocco.

While temperatures are comparable between the two countries, Morocco experiences slightly less precipitation during autumn than Tunisia.

8 Best For Desert Exploration: Morocco

Both Morocco and Tunisia provide travelers with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to explore desert sand dunes.

Djerba and Tozeur offer stunning desert landscapes in Tunisia and there are plenty of tours that make them accessible, including visits to sets from the famous franchise Star Wars.

However, Morocco is the top choice for desert exploration, with a camel trek and night under the stars at a Bedouin camp fitting perfectly into any 10-day itinerary that takes travelers from Fes to Marrakesh.

7 Best For Coastal Getaways: Tunisia

Morocco and Tunisia both have beautiful coastal cities where travelers can relax by the sea.

This is especially enjoyable during September and early October when temperatures are still warm and the water remains inviting. Essaouira, Morocco is an idyllic coastal destination on the Atlantic Ocean.

However, Sidi Bou Said near Tunis, Tunisia is the most charming choice with whitewashed homes, blue roofs, and accents that are reminiscent of Greece.

This is no surprise considering Sidi Bou Said’s position on the Mediterranean coast.

6 Best For Cuisine: Tie

There is no way to choose between Morocco and Tunisia when it comes to which country has the best cuisine.

This is purely subjective and depends on a traveler’s personal preference and palate.

Couscous and tagine are two of the most popular dishes to try in Morocco.

In Tunisia, travelers will also find incredible couscous along with favorites like shakshuka.

5 Best For Hiking: Morocco

Tunisia isn’t well known for its hiking trails, but Morocco is the dream destination in Northern Africa for many outdoor enthusiasts.

Morocco is home to the High Atlas Mountains where visitors can hike popular routes like the Three Valleys Trek and The Circle of Toubkal.

Many travelers also visit Morocco to summit Mount Toubkal, the highest peak in North Africa, standing at 4,167 meters tall.

4 Best For Unique Accommodation: Morocco

Tunisia and Morocco offer unique accommodation options compared to the Western-style hotels North Americans are accustomed to.

Airbnb and boutique hotels in both countries are tastefully decorated and provide travelers with excellent value for money. However, Morocco stands out for the opportunity to stay in a traditional Riad.

These beautiful hotels are situated around a central garden or courtyard and provide a tranquil place to stay that feels like an escape from the busy city streets.

3 Best For Ancient Ruins: Tunisia

Morocco and Tunisia both have their fair share of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and interesting ancient ruins that will thrill history buffs.

Although Morocco has lots of these sites to tour, they are spread around the country, but travelers can easily access some of Tunisia’s biggest historical sites right in the capital, Tunis.

One such site is the archaeological site of Carthage.

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Tunis offers some great opportunities to shop in local markets, but wandering through the Medina in Marrakesh and browsing through the souks around the country is an experience like no other.

Travelers will find an array of leather goods, spices, teapots, carpets, rugs, clothing items, and more at these shops.

It’s the perfect place to find unique handcrafted goods and bring home souvenirs to remember the trip.

1 Best For Seasonal Flight Deals From North America: Morocco

Travelers can find great deals to Tunisia and Morocco during autumn since this is considered the “shoulder season” in these countries.

Peak travel during the summer months has died down from Europe and surrounding areas so accommodation and flight prices are likely to drop.

Due to Morocco’s location on the coast right across the Atlantic Ocean from North America, flight prices to large cities there are typically slightly more affordable than those flying into Tunis.

However, travelers departing from cities in Europe like Lisbon, Barcelona, or London can find budget deals on low-cost carriers to both Tunis and large Moroccan cities like Marrakesh or Casablanca.


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