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About half of Californians are thinking of an EV as their next vehicle. A range-boosting camping trailer advances toward production, loaded with batteries. And could better sensors help get more range out of EV batteries? This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

Research from Japan suggests that the use of diamond quantum sensors could potentially boost EV driving range by 10%—simply through their greater accuracy and sensitivity. The technology might also be used in optimizing fast-charging performance and in the use of solid-state cells.

Colorado Teardrops reports that it has completed a prototype version of its camping trailer designed to extend the range of electric tow vehicles—a world first, it claims. It also says that it has partnered “with a major automotive manufacturer” to advance related technology, and revealed plans for larger travel trailers, perhaps more suited to use with full-size electric trucks like the F-150 Lightning but based on the same idea.

And according to a recent survey commissioned by an EV advocacy organization, nearly half of Californians “are likely to choose an EV the next time they’re in the market for a vehicle.” While it offers that uplifting takeaway, it also suggests that policymakers—and automakers, perhaps—could be doing a lot better with EV incentives and education


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