Fall 2022 travel is expected to be cheaper and less chaotic, according to Scott’s Cheap Flights


After a summer of “revenge” travel, change is welcomed.

According to Scott's Cheap Flights, price and delay relief are coming for travelers this fall.

According to Scott’s Cheap Flights, price and delay relief are coming for travelers this fall.

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There’s good news after a summer full of what was essentially nightmare-roulette travel, with widespread reports of travelers dealing with delayed and canceled flights, mountains of lost luggage, and general chaos at airports. According to Scott’s Cheap Flights, travel this fall should be way less stressful — and cheaper.

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Flight cancellations got so bad that over Memorial Day the cancellation rate for flights was 2.2%. By Labor Day, it was down to 0.6%.

And, most importantly, ticket prices are starting to come down again. The flight deals company also reports that this summer, flight prices were way up from the average, but since May, when prices were up 12% from the average, they’ve continued to fall — and SCF notes that this should go to show, fear not, that we are still in the “Golden Age” of travel. The plummet in prices was such that by August, flight prices were down 6% compared to 2019 and 28% compared to 2012.

Still, a few issues might remain in the forecast, including lost bags and some congestion at the airports, but we’ll take a any improvement when we can get it.

All this to say: If you’re planning on going anywhere over the holidays, Scott’s Cheap Flights recommends that you book soon. And this time, it seems you can do so with a little more optimism.


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