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At Allianz Partners, we’re in the business of assistance. Though the past few years have raised unprecedented challenges for travelers, we’ve risen to the challenge and given them a helping hand when they need a little extra care.

The travel industry was rocked by COVID-19, but we’re starting to rebound stronger than ever. Travelers are eager to make up for lost time and ready to find an escape from the feelings of stress and uncertainty that have defined the pandemic. However, as hungry as they are for new adventures, they’re also cautious. They want assurance that, if something goes wrong, someone has their back.

Offering travel protection with insurance benefits and assistance services that meet your customers’ evolving needs has become a key competitive advantage for travel advisors. Choosing a quality travel protection provider helps ensure you’re getting the most of this advantage, giving customers the confidence they need to book a vacation, plus round-the-clock, expert help in their corner once they’re out in the world. The pandemic has created opportunities to step up and help travelers in new ways—ultimately adding even more value to the services you provide.

After all, travel isn’t as straightforward as it was pre-pandemic. As more and more people set out on new adventures, travelers are forced to navigate airline cancellations and delays, constantly-changing entry requirements, complicated quarantines, and the looming risk of unexpected illness. In the face of all these obstacles, Allianz Partners is committed to providing travelers with support they need. At the start of the pandemic, Allianz Partners was the first insurance company to offer epidemic-related protection—which speaks to our proven ability to put customers first and adapt to their needs, even in the most challenging situations.

In a travel landscape still reeling from the impact of COVID-19, we provide support for trip cancellation, trip interruption, emergency medical care, and much more. Our skilled, multilingual in-house customer service team and global network of 904,000 pre-screened medical providers work tirelessly to provide customers with care when they experience unexpected challenges. From helping travelers figure out the next step when they lose their baggage to providing a customer who suffered a stroke abroad with an emergency medical evacuation in a matter of hours, we do our utmost of put people first.

Through over 25 years of serving US customers, we’ve learned that this commitment to human kindness pays off. Over the past few years, Allianz Partners has conducted a national travel advisor survey to better understand what draws customers and travel advisors to our services. A clear trend has emerged: the number one reason advisors cite for recommending Allianz Travel Insurance products over the competition is a superior customer experience. That’s because we understand the importance of keeping your customers’ service personal—treating each individual like a traveler, not a transaction.

Our Voice of the Customer program and commitment to human kindness has earned us a consistent 95% or higher customer satisfaction rating and a 37% repeat purchase rate over the past three years. It’s reflected in our numerous awards for exemplary customer service, too, including two Stevie awards and the title of Travel Insurance Provider with the Best Customer Service from the Elliott Advocacy Readers’ Choice Awards. The Travel Weekly Readers Choice awards have named us Best Insurance Provider every year since the category was established, six years ago.

When it comes to earning customer loyalty, there’s no method more powerful than genuine care. So, as travel challenges and requirements continue shifting, let’s rise to the opportunity to provide a better experience together.

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As a global leader in travel and specialty insurance, Allianz Partners has a long history of helping people—anytime, and almost anywhere. More than 100 million people worldwide choose us to protect their travel plans, tuition payments, and event ticket purchases every year. With a track record of success, we’re uniquely suited to meet their challenges—and exceed their expectations, continuously bringing them back for more.
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