ArtEastri – a handcrafted fashion line with the flavours of East

What is ArtEastri?

ArtEastri, a unique handwoven and handcrafted clothing and accessory brand, was established in 2016. This Bangalore-based company is dedicated to preserving the timeless beauty of Eastern indigenous handicrafts. Traditional artists and crafters from Bengal and Assam who desire to further these fields have worked incredibly hard to build the company. 


ArtEastri supports regional artists’ work and encourages its customers’ feeling of cultural identity through its extensive selection of women’s formal, casual, and party wear attire. By combining traditional arts with modern clothing, such as Jamdani and Kantha embroidery, ArtEastri aims to create something unique. The brand’s collections are available on almost all the premium E-Commerce sites, including Ajio, Myntra, Tata Luxe,  and others.


ArtEastri – Ratnabali’s brainchild 

Ratnabali Mitra, an art enthusiast from India, created ArtEastri, a one-stop shop for authentic, high-quality handcrafted women’s clothes. Ratnabali has a master’s degree in finance with a major in economics. She believes that handmade clothing is the way to a more inclusive world because it fosters a shared cultural identity in which everyone can take pride. 


Ratnabali made it her mission to integrate Eastern traditional arts as a statement in Indian fashion since she had a warm spot in her heart for them. She spent numerous hours working toward the goal while creating ArtEastri as it is today.


Strong pillars of the brand

Ratnabali’s passion for Eastern arts significantly impacts ArtEastri’s missions. The brand wants to make a statement about Indian fashion by introducing Eastern art. As the brand believes that traditional handcrafted and hand-woven clothing is both comfortable and sustainable, it should be a part of every Indian woman’s fashion wardrobe. According to the brand, these ancient types of clothes with a touch of modernism are all that modern women need to feel inclusive and proud of their ancestry.


Products and specialities of the brand

The first Indian lifestyle retailer, ArtEastri, offers free-size women’s clothing and home linen with strong flavours from the Eastern part of India. They offer a large selection of handcrafted apparel options, allowing everyone to turn every day into a fashion statement. Every 90 days, the brand changes its smaller collections. ArtEastri encourages sustainability in the fashion sector by offering such versatile yet original products that never go out of style. 


The brand offers handcrafted goods ranging from shawls and stoles to sarees, dupattas, and home furnishings that further connect contemporary youth to traditional Indian artistry and support local craftsmen. All the artisans at ArtEastri are from the surrounding regions of Bengal and Assam, and the brand serves as a platform for them to exhibit their work, reach a larger audience, and make a respectable living.


Everyone’s definition of fashion is unique, but there is no denying the fact that traditional clothing instils a sense of inclusivity and cultural pride in all wearers. ArtEastri offers a selection of authentic art with Eastern influences for occasions of all kinds. Its collections incorporate modernity, making it an ideal choice for today’s modern women.

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