AnyTechMeta Launches World’s First Tech Marketplace In Metaverse.

AnyTechMeta, metaverse arm of the Indian startup Any Tech Ventures, is disrupting the Tech Marketing and User Engagement by creating a metaverse community for technology OEMs, enterprise customers, and consumers around the world.


October 12, 2022/Noida, India- New enterprise metaverse community platform from AnyTechMeta will alter traditional marketing and user interaction, the company said today. In preparation for the launch of the AnyTechMeta Community platform in early November 2022, AnyTechMeta is building the metaverse as an app- and hardware-independent, always-on consumer engagement platform that not only connects the digital and real worlds but also lets companies talk to their global target audiences in real time, which improves the efficiency of the marketplace ecosystem as a whole.


What is the metaverse? 

The metaverse is a concept for the future of the internet that takes the form of a computer-generated, hybrid parallel universe. It’s made possible by merging real-world augmented reality with computer-generated 3D environments. The lines between the virtual and real worlds blur. It gives people interactive, in-the-moment experiences in which they can directly engage in the environments they explore.


“Metaverse is much more than a gaming and trading eco-system. Brand activations utilising avatars and a few NFTs do not establish a presence in the metaverse. Utilizing the metaverse as an extension of your organisation to foster meaningful ties across your market, consumers, partners, and community is more of a crucial first step. ” Said Abhishek Tyagi, Founder & Chief Innovation Officer.


With our Honourable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, actively encouraging the indigenous development of 5G technology, and Jio & Airtel creating the ecosystem to leapfrog the Digital India vision with the introduction of Smart Glasses, Hologram Videos, incredible bandwidths, and much more, as demonstrated at the recent IMC2022, India is well positioned to take advantage of the benefits of the metaverse.


There will be 2 billion members of Generation Alpha by 2025, making up the bulk of consumers. In order for businesses to reap the benefits of automation, AI, augmented reality, the cloud, and the metaverse, “there is no better moment or place (India) to embark on this global digital evolution journey and strive towards developing more transparent and engaging user experiences,” Said Abhishek Tyagi, Founder & Chief Innovation Officer.

AnyTechMeta has already begun taking applications from software and technology firms all across the world, with an official launch planned for the first week of November 2022.


AnyTechMeta is your gateway to the metaverse, where users can engage in immersive environments to explore different products.” said Ms. Alka Jha, Manager Growth

With the introduction of the AnyTechMeta, Any Tech Ventures moves closer to realising its goal of making technology available to everyone in the world without the need for specialised hardware. AnyTechMeta’s launch showcases the potential unlocked by fusing VR’s top features with blockchain technology and the nascent pieces of the next-generation Web 3.0.

Company offerings will be brought together on the AnyTechMeta enterprise metaverse platform for the technology ecosystem. The platform bridges the gap between the products of major technology businesses around the world, spanning a wide range of industries vital to today’s digital economy.


During its minimum viable product (MVP) release, AnyTechMeta will demonstrate the core features of the metaverse and gather insights from early user interactions within this virtual world. Participants in this MVP release will be able to create avatars in the metaverse and gain access to the metaverse marketplace on a wide variety of devices, including smartphones, computers, VR devices, and Oculus headsets. 


Once within the AnyTechMeta, participants will be able to do the following in this metaverse:

  • Look around virtual stores and try out the products they have to offer.
  • Explore computer hardware, software, and other products from global manufacturers.
  • Real-time, two-way audio conversations with company representatives and other users.


In addition, virtual space owners (companies) will be able to directly engage with their users in real time around the globe. They have a number of choices for integrating CTAs and POS systems into their metaverse spaces, allowing for extensive personalization.


Early adopters can see the building blocks of the virtual shopping, retail, and entertainment experiences we have in mind for this metaverse.


About: We are a company of the new age that operates at the intersection of data analytics, marketing, and Web3 to drive the global adoption of technology. Powering immersive user experiences, with our open, & scalable infrastructure. Our journey is about people, not machines. We feel strongly that technology can be a force for good. Our mission is to get the next 100 million people in Web3.


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