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suzuma innovations india will make every house save lot of money with their innovative solar inverter and solar ac

 suzuma innovations- This particular solar AC is developed using a hybrid technology which adds to its advantages. The charm of this AC is its unique ability to run on electricity and solar power. Suzuma’s solar air conditioner works wonders for consumers in low electrical connectivity areas. The solar AC runs on an inverter and batteries too. During a press conference, Mr. SP Singh further elaborated that these air conditioners consume almost 50% less electricity than other air conditioners in the present market. It’s like a bonanza deal for its consumers!


Suzuma has launched three models of solar air conditioners, all of the different capacities of 1 ton, 1.5 ton, and 2 ton, respectively. These air conditioners are equipped with filters that remove PM 2.5, dust, pollen, and pet dander to provide consumers with a purified, healthy, and yet chilled atmosphere and act as an air purifiers.


Suzuma’s Solar Air Conditioners are developed with Japanese MVC technology to provide noiseless, convenient longevity. The company has also applied for a patent for the same. These ACs come with a five-year warranty on electric circuits and an abiding warranty on compressors. So, what else to say? It’s affordable, eco-friendly, stylish, advanced, and innovative!!


Mr. SP Singh apprises that Suzuma Innovations is connected with central government departments to further showcase and install solar products at multiple public institutions and prestigious government bureaus. Plans to set up a manufacturing unit to become an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) can be seen shortly.


The AC also adds to the government’s initiative of making India a ‘smart nation.’


Suzuma has re-engineered inverters and batteries into one unit and developed India’s first wall-mounted 2-in-1 intelligent inverters. Smart inverters have a new age and enhanced appearance, making them one of a kind. Like the Air Conditioners, the inverters are hybrid too. The inverters have dual charging options- through electricity and solar panels. Mr. Singh elaborates on Suzuma’s hybrid inverters’ numerous advantages over the existing inverters and batteries, which run on electricity alone. As mentioned above, the inverters can be mounted on a wall and serve aesthetic purposes. The inverters are IOT based with an inbuilt battery. Smart inverters are handy with easy plug-and-play operations with zero maintenance, accounting for their persistent long life (20-25 years). They also have a UPS mode. The inverters are also environmentally friendly by using a renewable energy source, i.e., solar energy.


Suzuma’s solar inverters come for all segments from 1 kilowatt to 20 kilowatts providing options for residential usage and professional (office) usage for electricity distribution through solar panels and as power backup. Suzuma Innovations has launched these products with a five-year replacement guarantee, again one of its kind.


The other division of Suzuma is committed to providing pure, healthy water at a nominal cost to each household. Alkaline water has multiple benefits owing to its chemical structural configuration. Alkaline water usually has a pH of around nine on a scale of 0(most acidic) to 14(most basic). Regular tap water has a pH of 7. Alkaline water is essential to water. It contains minerals like calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonate. These compounds bind to hydrogen ions in the solution, making the water more basic. Natural alkaline water sources are usually springs or reservoirs underneath the Earth’s surface. Tap water that has been ionized or bottled water will not have a lower pH because no minerals are attached to the hydrogen ions. Until now, most companies are selling water purifying RO machines that purify the water but remove the required minerals.


Suzuma Absolute Alkaline adds minerals like calcium, potassium, and bicarbonate into the water purified by RO machines.


Suzuma’s Alkaline All-in-one is a blessing for every home because this machine changes basic water properties into nutrient-rich alkaline water. Suzuma’s All-in-one Ghar Ka Doctor machine has various beneficiaries over existing RO purifiers. The device has high-quality features such as Advanced 9-stage purification and minimal water wastage with advanced technology. The machine has an auto flush feature and a due service indicator with a built-in pre-filter indicator. The Alkaline purifier serves all aesthetic purposes with its exquisite design. Child-lock feature for safety purposes is also present for hot water. Getting Cold water from the same machine is a unique feature. It also works as a vegetable and fruit cleanser. This is India’s best-priced machine with many features and a performance guarantee.


Suzuma Innovations Private Limited is committed to providing energy-efficient appliances to each. Every household manufacturing hybrid technology products so that the benefits of renewable energy can be passed on to each member of the family, thus contributing to nation-building via sustainable development, reducing carbon emissions due to reduced dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels, plus solar power is pollution-free and causes no greenhouse gases to be emitted after installation. Solar products are also safer than traditional electric current and have virtually no maintenance as solar panels last over 20-25 years.


All the Suzuma products are available on e-commerce websites and Suzuma’s website,, and the same can be witnessed at their sales office in sector 64, Noida.


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