Your health is their mission: DocBot

DocBot-In today’s technologically savvy India, one may use an app to determine the size of their unborn fetus. Yet, we can’t foresee when death will occur, though! 17.9 million people die from cardiovascular disorders each year; 12.5% of all fatalities are attributable to blood pressure issues; and 422 million individuals worldwide experience problems with their blood sugar. The patients are usually unaware of the majority of these tragedies since they are unexpected.


Two friends, Ronit Nandeshwar and Mandar Kamble, discovered that there were numerous deaths related to sudden cardiac arrest (heart problems), diabetes (blood sugar), hypertension and hypotension (blood pressure), and lung failure (SpO2) while pursuing their engineering degrees at NIT (National Institute of Technology) Calicut. At that point, they realized that all of these unfortunate deaths could be avoided with the aid of preventive healthcare devices. They were later joined by Shrikant Mali having 10yrs of RnD experience in the domain.


To measure important six vital signs, we need five distinct instruments, each of which is expensive, cumbersome to transport, requires more time to engage with, and are not digitally intelligent. Although they don’t measure these vitals with medical accuracy, several fitness and wellness watches and devices make this promise. However, combining all six vital signs into a single, inexpensive gadget that is rapid, accurate to medical grade, portable, and digitally intelligent would revolutionise both technology and medicine.


They thus Ronit and Mandar, came up with the concept of creating a gadget that could assess all the vitals and provide recommendations for controlling them, which the patients could immediately discuss with the physician. DocBot Private Limited came up with this concept. ” Imagine that you are aware that you are having a heart attack two days in advance. This is the product’s intensity. Therefore, we began working on this while still in college. We established a firm called DocBot Private Limited in 2021 and began developing DocBot as our first product.” They Said.


The DocBot is a ground-breaking artificial medical technology, making it the first of its kind in history. The hardware gadget DocBot measures body temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar, a 12-lead ECG, oxygen saturation (Spo2), and pulse rate. Software solutions are used to record medical histories, create prescriptions, and gather vital signs, cutting the length of doctor visits by 60%. The healthcare industry is becoming entirely digital.


The DocBot  seemed like a wild notion at first. However, Ishan Nadkarni, CEO of “Impact” application, and Prasad Menon, CEO of CIBA, were the first to believe in and support Ronit and Mandar. The task of saving lives is something that Ronit and Mandar are here to undertake. They want to create a successful, digitalized healthcare industry.


Are you concerned about the hardware’s accuracy? DocBot links to your health data directly in 90 seconds, offers medical-grade accuracy and allows you to discuss the results with your doctor remotely. Additionally, you receive wise recommendations for managing your health issues, and it is user-friendly and portable.


DocBot is a revolution in the field of preventative healthcare since it is the only gadget in the world that can measure all six vital signs with medical-grade precision within 90 seconds. The future’s misfortune can be avoided for merely 9999 rupees. This Marvelous idea has received several prizes, including the Indian School of Business Grand Idea Challenge (ISB). As they prepare to introduce their product in the coming year, they are also in contact with governmental organizations.


They are on a mission to save lives, which may be accomplished by managing the vital signs properly. They are now a growing segment of the healthcare business. With the use of technology, they are concentrating on offering creative solutions that address prevalent issues in the healthcare sector, paying particular attention to both urban and rural locations.


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