TASLPA & UACA Observed World Audiologists Day

October 10th is observed as World Audiologists Day all over the World. As per WHO 2021 report around 10% of the world’s population is suffering with Hearing loss and by  it is estimated that by 2050 the percentage may go up to 25% i.e., 1 in 4 persons will suffer with Hearing Loss.


Audiologists are the only Qualified Professional Doctors who assess and treat various kinds of Hearing loss from infants to old age patients. Audiologists also provide different kinds of Hearing Aids to the patients based on their degree and type of Hearing Loss, as Audiologists Study Hearing and It’s Related Disorders for  6 Years or Minimum of 4 Years. 


To create awareness about Audiologists in common public, the Telangana Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists Association (TASLPA) and Universal Association of Clinical Audiologists (UACA) conducted a Cricket Tournament to its members “TASLPA Premier League (TPL 2022)” in ECIL Grounds. Nearly 70 professional Audiologist Doctors and Junior Doctors participated in TPL in 5 teams namely Audiology Avengers, Tinnitus Tuskers, Hearing Hyderabadis, Vestibular Warriors and Cochlear Capitals. The Champions Trophy won by *Tinnitus Tuskers* Team lead by Captain Dr.N.Pramod Kumar. The Runner Up Trophy won by Audiology Avengers Team lead by Captain Dr.Rajendra Kumar P. Dr.G Srinivas, Dr.G.Purushotham and Dr.B.Shivaprasad were attended as Guests and presented the Trophies and Certificates to the Winner and Runner in the presence of Hon’ble TASLPA & UACA Founder President, Dr K Nagender , Founder &General Secretary Dr Imad Khan Ruman  EC Member and Treasurer Dr.Satheesh Sakinala. The organizers presented mementos and certificates to all the players. 


Oticon India, one of the leading Hearing Aid Company was the main sponsor for TPL-2022. Pronounce Hearing Solutions and Common Man Property also Supported as co-sponsors. Other Sponsors like Geeta Hearing Clinic, JK Hearing Centres , Global Care Clinic, Origin Clinic, Global Clinic, Apna Hearing. com, Shravya Clinic, Mythri Clinic, Hear & Speak Clinic, Care Clinics, Rainbow Clinic and others also supported the TPL. The organizers expressed their sincere thanks to all the sponsors and felicitated them.


In the end, TASLPA & UACA Founder & President Dr.Nagender Kankipati and Founder & General Secretary Dr.Imad Khan Ruman appealed all the common public to take care of Ears and Hearing, and they also requested the public to consult your nearest RCI certified qualified Audiologist Doctors for all kinds of Hearing and Speech problems they Appealed people to visit www.taslpa.com and www.uaca7.org for more Information.


Who is Audiologist ? 


Hearing and balance disorders can be assessed, treated, and rehabilitated by an audiologist. Audiologists are healthcare professionals who provide patient-centered care in the prevention, identification, diagnosis, and evidence-based treatment of hearing, balance, and other auditory disorders for people of all ages. Hearing and balance disorders are complex with medical, psychological, physical, social, educational, and employment implications. Treatment services require audiologists to have knowledge of existing and emerging technologies, as well as interpersonal skills to counsel and guide patients and their family members through the rehabilitative process. Audiologists provide professional and personalized services to minimize the negative impact of these disorders, leading to improved outcomes and quality of life.


Audiologists are licensed and/or regulated in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.


How We Hear 

How does the ear and hearing mechanism work?


Hearing Loss 

Information on the causes and effects of hearing loss in both children and adults.


Hearing Screening and Testing 

Explains the difference between hearing screening and testing, with links to help find audiologists.


Hearing Aids, Cochlear Implants and Assistive Technology 

Information about hearing aids, cochlear implants, assistive listening devices, and other options for hearing rehabilitation.


Noise and Hearing Loss Prevention 

How to protect your hearing from the effects of noise.


Dizziness and Balance 

Information on our balance system.


Hearing Loss in Children 

Hearing loss, in varying degrees, affects two in every 100 children under the age of 18.


Hearing Loss in Adults 

Knowing the risk factors and recognizing the symptoms of hearing loss in yourself or someone you know is the first step to improving the situation. 

Happy World Audiologists Day


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