Gokul A, Co-Founder of Accubits Technologies Inc, receives Dynamic Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2022

Co-Founder and CDO of Accubits Technologies Inc, Gokul A was awarded the Dynamic Entrepreneur of the Year, Indian Icon Award 2022 for creating an AI and blockchain-focussed company worth over $2.2B with offices in 9 different countries, including the US, India, and Dubai.


This award https://indiaiconawards.com/categories.html ( talk a little bit about the prize)


Under Gokul’s Leadership, Accubits has launched products like Coinfactory, RebuildTheChain Emotyx, and SaaS solutions. Accubits Technologies is a full-service software provider offering product development and digital transformation services to governments, Tech start-ups, Fortune 1000 companies, and Businesses. With Gokul’s guidance and vision, cubits have been focusing on emerging technologies and building a collective of unconventional thinkers and innovators. It is now on its way to creating products that can make and break user behaviors to get loyal customers.

Gokul is a first-gen entrepreneur and believes that the vision to enable all humans to be creative and relieve them of mediocrity is what makes them stand out. Accubits has tag-lined its image as “7 Billion Creative Minds, ” proving that Accubits is unwilling to refrain when advancing the human race. Taking his learning from designing behavioral-changing products, Gokul has decided to launch a new behavior design studio Davinci’s Men, a subsidiary of Accubits, who’s entire focus will be on creating behaviour-changing products.


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