SHIV RAO – A BORN HUSTLER VISION: Building a World Without Waste.

Shiv Rao Challa, born in Kolkata a student of St Xavier’s College Kolkata and completed his B Tech-CSE from JNTU Hyderabad in 1999. Worked in 13 Countries with major MNCs, i.e., BHEL – India; Exxon Mobil – Nigeria, Shell – Middle East, Parsons – South Africa; SNC Lavalin – Australia, Bechtel – Philippines and KPC – Kuwait and traveled to 50+ Countries for Leisure. 

2020 was my last trip after the lockdown to Kuwait. I was at home for a long time, and I started to visualize what I should do with my remaining life. That’s when I decided to work on a cause that is a crisis for my country and future generation. YES, Waste management is a Crisis not only for India but for the entire world. If we do not work on Climate Change and Environmental issues today, we shall create a disaster for future generations. We all like to give gifts to our own Children. I decided to give all future generations a Clean and Green Earth. 

PROBLEM: E-waste is Killing People, a minimum of 1.5 people every day.

 [ mainly women and kids (4-10 yrs) are working in this work scope]

 85% – 90 % of 470 E-Waste Recyclers are unethical. They use malpractices to manage this hazardous waste. 


We established a decent E-Waste plant for Recycling E-waste on Dec-20 at IMT Manesar Haryana. We Manage Waste from the Residential sector as this is the most neglected sector with volumes of 30-40 % of 3.2 Million Tons coming from this segment. We are developing a unique, Sustainable Mobile application to create an impact on this segment. 

The various causes of E-waste are the Health of informal Workers, the Disposal of Hazardous waste into the environment, and polluting Air & Groundwater. 

We have spread awareness about our innovative 4 Dustbin concept to 325,000 Citizens across 20+ countries as of date.

 To date, we have managed 245,000 Kg of waste for 75+ Clients from entering landfills through our organization, mainly E-waste, Municipal Solid Waste, and Industrial waste. We have ensured proper Green Factory concept into our infrastructure as much as feasible for a StartUp. 

We highly promote INDUSTRY 5.0 – A Systematic waste prevention approach from the Chezh Republic. 

Presently we are working on 4 / of the 17 UNDP SDG Goals for FY 21-22. 1) No 9 : Innovation & Infrastructure

 2) No 11: Sustainable cities and communities

 3) No 12: Responsible consumption & production 

4) No 17:Partnership for the Goals 


Our Latest Innovation : 

Developing a mobile application platform for rewarding citizens for Sustainable actions.

 Actions like: Segregation at source, Home Composting, Home gardening, Upcycling, Selling waste to WMA, Buying recycled products, Buying Refillable products, an E-Commerce platform for Sustainable products, etc. and many more to follow and captured automatically soon based on the privacy setting of the clients 

My Motivation: Every year, 500+ Informal workers die [ Women + Kids ] due to improper eWaste Management. 

Challenges: 1st year due to COVID & a Startup in the very informal sector was very hard. But my persistence to continue and sacrifice made me push myself every day to be focused and work day after day with small success. 

Learning from Failures: I started a Real estate Startup in a Tier 3 City, which failed miserably due to the selection of the City. This time I ensured to choose the right City and the Right Strategy. 

Prospects of Future Growth: Our Vision is to create 100+ Entrepreneurs, 5000+ Employment

 & 5000 Crore company in next five years. To be one of the Top 5 Companies in India in Sustainability before 2025. 

Life behind the scenes: Very tough, not for the weak heart. My family stays Overseas. I stay alone in India for this project, working almost 20 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. I don’t eat lunch for many days, only Dinner, No Shopping, No Holidays. Only passionate about creating an impact in Sustainability & Waste Management in India and Worldwide. 

YES: I segregate my waste religiously 

When did you last try to find a Recycler for disposing of your e-Waste?

 Did you find one?

 What would you do with your old phone when you want to change your phone next time? 

Gentlemen & Ladies, your answers will let you provoke what you have to do to support Recycling and the Steps you would have to take to make our Earth Clean & Green for Future generations. 

Startups in Waste: I am available 24x 7 to hear you and support you in any way I can. 

Very happy to announce my 1st Co-Founder: Mr. Sandeep Saxena – A Media Professional and CSR expert, to join me in this journey to make India a better place to live. 


Thank you, 

Shiv Rao

 CEO & Founder 7093198828 

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