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ZoopUp-The growth of freelance websites can be attributed to the growth in freelancer engagement by businesses globally for short-term or project-centric hiring. The two years of the pandemic gave dedicated freelance job websites a growth impetus. ZoopUp is the newest entrant in the market and the incremental sign-ups by freelancers and clients are a testament to the market demand for the freelance economy. 

The instigators of demand

The IT industry has always hired gig workers for projects through special IT recruitment service providers. With freelance job platforms such as ZoopUp, the scope for hiring gig workers or freelancers has expanded. Now, not just large companies, but even MSMEs and start-ups can hire skilled professionals from across the globe. This gives them a distinct advantage in terms of reducing hiring costs, speeding the recruitment process, and working with the best minds in the field. 

The Internet has enabled businesses and freelancers alike to conduct a large part of their transactions virtually. Entire team collaborations can be done online using laptops, web and mobile applications, and smartphones. Agreements can be signed virtually, and payments can be made digitally.

ZoopUp’s role in the freelance economy

ZoopUp is a freelance marketplace where skilled traders and their buyers meet. The website provides a fair market platform that is ruled by open competition and gives opportunities for businesses to work with the best professionals in their field. It also gives a fair opportunity for every freelancer to try to win a project and use their skills. 

On ZoopUp, currently, the predominant category where most freelance business occurs is in the digital segment. However, freelancers are advertising their skills and being hired in various niche categories too. The highest demand by businesses of all sizes and in every industry currently is for- 

  • Digital marketers
  • Web developers
  • Mobile app developers
  • Content writers
  • Graphic designers
  • Software developers
  • Video production specialists

ZoopUp lists other skills in various domains and industries beyond the digital marketing space too. So, a freelancer in any other field can also search for projects by niche clients here. 

Hiring for success

The reason why businesses and freelancers are choosing ZoopUp even though it is a young website is its streamlined engagement model with secure transaction options. The website provides two distinct ways for businesses to rapidly recruit the apt resource person for their project – 

  • Bids – The client (business) posts their project, and the freelancers can bid for it. The best proposal wins the bid
  • Competition – the client posts the project as a competition and the best proposal wins the competition and is awarded the project

Both these engagement models are designed to filter the applications to ensure only the professionals with the best matching qualification will apply for the project. This eases the process for the clients and creates clarity in terms of engagement from the start.

Agency for the freelancer

Freelancers have the agency to market themselves and attract business for their skills in various ways on ZoopUp. There are multiple buy-in options within the competitions and bids whereby even if the freelancer does not win the bid or competition, they can sell their proposal to the client and get hired. 

Besides these opt-ins, ZoopUp has a segment called Zoop & Buy where freelancers can create and sell their projects. For instance, a website developer can offer to build customised web solutions at a standard rate. Clients (business) can browse the Zoop & Buy section in the service category of their choice and buy a ready-to-execute or use project for faster implementation. 

Learn, Earn and Teach

ZoopUp aims to become a complete HR service provider in the virtual space, and besides recruitment, the other important HR service it offers is skill training. Skill trainers are also freelancers who offer certification programmes that anybody can sign up to learn a new skill virtually. These self-paced programmes are preloaded courses whose application-based pedagogy is designed by the freelance trainer. Those seeking personal training sessions can also sign up for special one-on-one classes which can be remotely attended in live time. 

The ZoopUp skill training certificates can be used as qualifications for applying for projects where the freelancers find any skill gap. The trainer can also be hired for group training sessions by corporates. Thus, it creates a lucrative earning avenue for freelancers who have a knack for designing cohesive training programmes. 

Freelancing provides a strong earning potential for the business and the freelancer, and by partnering with ZoopUp, they can concentrate on the business, free from the administrating shackles. 

Visit our website: https://zoopup.com 


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