India and its business people have taken significant steps towards being fully digital. While Indian-origin leaders like Sundar Pichai and Satya Nadella have made India proud and inspired many globally, local startups led by today’s youth bring a fresh wave of energy to the Indian tech market. One such energetic organization is TST Technology, established by Parth Makwana and his two close friends, Hiren Kalariya and Daxesh Italiya, during their 3rd year of college. 


Despite being only a year and a half old, TST Technology has completed projects in various industries such as Fintech, Healthcare, Sports Tech, EdTech, Lifestyle, Social Networking, and Gaming. They get much business from overseas, including the US and the UK, along with several projects from Indian businesses. 


Parth said that both are very enthusiastic about establishing their presence in the digital world when asked if there is any difference in the international client’s approach compared to Indians. “The only difference is seen based on industry requirements. For instance, while Fintech requires a lot of security layers, Games focus more on the creative and entertainment aspects. My team and I always have a detailed discussion with our clients about their requirements and expectations which guide us in building their desired product”, says Parth.


More and more Indian businesses are opting to extend their reach online and build their audience with websites and applications that accurately represent their brand. With each industry different and many new areas emerging rapidly, it is hard work to build a tech product that is true to the business image.


TST Technology’s Co-founder and CEO, Hiren Kalariya, explains that they have a detailed plan for each client to give them a personalized solution. “Our structure has 6 steps, the first of which is Research. We extensively research the client’s industry and their audience, create user personas and assemble the findings of our study to the client with our suggestions on how they can scale their business with our tech services,” explains Hiren.


Big businesses usually have the resources to conduct their Research and decide the best way to scale their business. Small businesses, however, face a little more difficulty in identifying the best course of action, even more so if it is their first time deciding to build a web or mobile application.


TST Technology also provides consulting services to guide clients based on Research, trends and future predictions. Talking more about this, Parth elaborates, “We are here to help people by being the Trouble-Free Services of Technology. Even before we land the project, we give our best insights to everyone who approaches us. India is going digital and we want everyone to benefit from it.”


Clients are satisfied with the team of TST Technology based on the glowing testimonials on the company’s website. TST Technology has a unique team of young and experienced developers and designers. From Research to post-delivery maintenance, this team can tackle challenges in India and abroad because of their versatility.


Telling us more about their team, Daxesh Italiya, Co-founder and CTO of TST Technology, fondly says, “Our team is made up of the smartest and most lively people. Many of our team members joined us straight from college so the energy is always high, which helps us tackle any tech issue easily. Everyone has varied interests and new tidbits to share which helps us to be creative in every project.”


With teams like this helping people carve their space into the digital world, it won’t be long before every Indian business, no matter how small, becomes digital.

To learn more about TST Technology, visit their website here.


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