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Why Celebs and Influential Persons are Excited to Meet a Social Worker from Punjab – Ishu Kalra?

Ishu Kalra-Social work is no glamorous job, we are all aware of that but, why is it then that Social Workers are hyped about meeting a particular social worker from Punjab? Ishu Kalra is the youngest social worker activist from Punjab who has done much good in his community and strives to do much more in the future. Ishu Kalra from Punjab has a business in the wholesale and retail sale of Electronic/Electric goods, whereas his passion lies in helping people and caring for humanity. 


Ishu Kalra’s journey in bringing back humanity began in 2018 when he started an NGO. He didn’t have much, to begin with, but whatever he had, he started with a small team with a big dream. What started off as something small to help his community during challenging covid times has now become a worldwide NGO. Without any regard for their own safety, he and his team helped many families and patients during covid without any assistance from the government. However, later the Punjab Government and many other esteemed organizations and influential people, one of many – Sania Mirza also met with him and his team, awarding them for their exemplary service but Ishu Kalra never cared. “I would do it all over again even if I wouldn’t receive such praise,” says the social worker, Ishu Kalra.


Ishu Kalra has been a social worker for over 7 years now, with over 5 years of experience running an NGO under his belt. He is determined to spread happiness into a home where they don’t have any. All of this seems easy on paper, but social workers like Ishu Kalra have to take strenuous stress on themselves to be able to aid people in their troubles, in this run-around they lose a lot of time with their families and their own personal work. “I do this for the sake of humanity and follow the teaching of Lord Shiva,” says Ishu Kalra, who is also a devout Shiva Bhakt. He deems Lord Shiva to be his constant motivator and says he inspires him to keep doing good work and play his role in this world.


Ishu Kalra not only dreams of a day when everyone will start doing good deeds but is actually working towards it. It is difficult to run an NGO being a sole organizer, you need to run on funds from the generosity of the public, or most times, just run out-of-your-own pocket. Kalra has seen some tough times at the NGO but that hasn’t stopped him and nothing will until he has achieved the mission of inspiring people to do good and be good!


Therefore with good reason, there are many celebs and influential people waiting to meet with him, who wouldn’t want to meet a Man with a plan? When we asked the man what his next plan is, he said he intends to raise awareness against drugs among youngsters by organizing campaigns; book distribution, and furthering their education. If you wish to follow him on his journey, click the link below:


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