Muzaffer-Breaking the barriers and storytelling through music

Muzaffer-The Delhi-based Pop Singer/Songwriter is preparing to release his third single.


Muzaffer, a pop singer and songwriter from Delhi, has a long history in music. He began performing in front of an audience in the first grade and has since traveled extensively nationwide with various bands. Muzaffer is now embarking on a career as a pop singer to release music and establish a name for himself. His two Hindi singles, “Alfaaz” and “Kya Aaoge Kabhi,” both experimental pop songs about love and grief, are the ones he has so far published. He thinks this is just the beginning and is getting ready to release his debut English single, “cuddles,” on November 25, 2022.


“I suppose I’m simply somebody who just wants to play his songs to as many people in the world as possible,” says Muzaffer, who plans to release many original kinds of music in the coming months.


“I never intended to become a musician; it simply happened,” he says. “I loved performing in front of people, and people started loving it. It felt fairly wonderful inside, and I genuinely thought being on stage helped me feel more like myself.”


Muzaffer intends to publish music that defies categorization and breaks down prejudices. “As an artist, you feel so strongly that being genre-bound is essentially impossible,” he claims. “I feel we hear so much music these days, and we appreciate some portion or another and other styles of music as well.”


Proud of his gradual development as an artist, he is expanding his fan base on YouTube and other streaming services and getting ready to release his first English song. Subscribe to his channel now to see how his upcoming song, “Cuddles,” turns out.




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