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Sumit Thakur Shares his Success Mantra of Establishing 3 International E-Commerce Store

Sumit Thakur is a young and visionary entrepreneur and a dropshipper who is helping stores to increase traffic and make sure that the consumers are satisfied by the services. Dropshipping helps store and the seller to deliver the product without actually taking care and handling.

Today, we have Sumit Thakur who is a dropshipper was profession and is here to tell us how dropshipping works, what dropshipping is and will also share his experience and journey with us.

Presenting you an exclusive conversation with Sumit Thakur.

Sumit, we are glad to have you here. Can you tell us about your business?

Hi, I’m glad to here. Well, sure let us start with it. Dropshipping is a business and there are few people who think otherwise. For them I’d like to clear that it is as much as of business like any other business, where you make investments, go through losses, have profits etc. 

I do dropshipping that means I fulfill orders without actually or physically keeping products in stock. It is not as hard as it sounds trust me. The store sells the product and passes on the sales order to a third-party supplier, who then ships the order to the customer.

When did you start your business and what was the idea behind it?

I started when I was 18. This all began when I was willing to work from any place of the world. The remote working or online business looked very alluring to me. Working from anyplace, at any time, to anywhere in the world sound fun and I was sure that I wanted to do something like this. 

I was passionate about it and above all, I took inspiration from right mentors. I believe that it is important to have mentors who guide you and train you.

Sumit, what is something that you wish you knew earlier about starting a business?

This is an interesting question, thank you for the question. The first as I said is to have mentors, though I had them but if I had known earlier about how important they are and the importance of their role in showing the right path it would have been a boon. And besides this, the most important thing that I learnt  in my journey is that it is important to do things on your own and gain first hand experience. When you do things you make mistakes, you fail and that is the only way to grow.

Honestly, it is very much different from binge watching YouTube videos. Experience is the action.

When you started your business, what were the challenges that you faced?

Yes, I did face a lot challenges, failure whatever you may call them during my journey. Today also, there are challenges in every step but I have now learnt to overcome them. As I said earlier that this is a business where you invest and have profit and losses therefore, it become important to know where should you invest. I personally did very bad investment initially but then I learnt. Before my success, I had already invested in two stores that were doomed but instead of giving up I analyzed the problem, worked on it and made the current one successful.

There was one huge mistake that I made; I lost a lot of money on Facebook and Google ads without any returns. This was because I did not take any guidance or any expert’s advice before spending money on it. I’d day spend few bucks on expert than to lose few more without any outcome. But all of this was a part of journey and it made me who I am today.

How is your business running today and what are your future plans?

Today my business is doing quite well, currently I’m running 3 profitable international drop shipping stores and I’m happy. I gifted my parents a car from my own money, that made me and them also proud. It motivates me to do better and better. 

I’m in this field for over five years now and I look to expand it. I’m also on mission to start a service company with the aim to help small business owners. I want to help them with my knowledge, with my experience that I’ve garnered over the period of time. I am looking forward to a community who are eager to learn how to create a business online; I will teach them how to build their own eCommerce store without any hassle. 

What is your secret mantra to success?

My secret mantra to success was my consistency in effort and perpetual thirst for digital and technology space. It is the mindset that is required, with the proper mindset anything is possible. I’ve done it and achieved it. With the power of mind and willingness to do everything ends well.

Do the planning; most people do not have big goals, some people do have big goals but without a proven plan or strategy to achieve it, so they end up failing. It doesn’t matter what is true, only what you believe is true because with work it will become true.

I repeat one should always first focus on the mindset and fundamentals of that particular business and then only focus on the skillset and the action steps.

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