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Sanju Pudyandil-Whitespace Brand Consulting-Building Brands from the Ground Up

An expert in brand management and marketing who started Whitespace Brand Consulting. Sanju Pudyandil has done a great deal and established himself as an expert in his sector. He got his start in brand management while working at Ray+Keshavan, now known as Super Union. He handled significant corporate makeovers for companies like Canara Bank, Trident Hotels, J&K Bank, Punj Lloyd, CEAT Tyres, SOMA Infrastructure, Coromandel Fertilizers, Chettinad Cement, ACC, Fair & Lovely, and many more.


 His strategic instincts, which have only improved with time, are responsible for a significant portion of his goodwill.Sanju Pudyandil joined the advertising industry after earning his master’s degree in marketing management. Throughout his career, he has worked with some of the most prestigious advertising agencies in the world, including Ogilvy & Mather, Contact, EURO RSCG, Hakuhodo, etc., where he oversaw campaigns for major clients like Lexus, Toyota, Taj Mahal Tea, Louis Philippe, BEL, HAL, 24/7 customer, etc.


Twenty-two years of experience in the area attests to and supports his successful and high-impact marketing campaigns across industries employing conventional ATL & BTL marketing mixes, digital and social media marketing resulting in generating high business impact and outcomes. Soon, he shifted his focus from advertising to brand management, and he put his abilities to good use by joining Super Union, India’s premier branding firm (previously Ray & Keshavan).


Sanju Pudyandil has shaped and helped grow more than 100 renowned businesses thanks to his unmatched skill in the field of brand management. His experience spans over 24 industry verticals, including large FMCG, automotive, IT, telecommunication, real estate, start-up ecosystems etc. He is not limited to any one industry, however. By giving them practical marketing concepts and methods, we can mend the weak links in their growth and fortify their pillars so they can face the market and compete effectively. 


Along with managing agencies and creative teams to execute integrated marketing strategies that raised revenue for the customers, he is recognised for setting best practice standards in product marketing, brand management, and management of agencies. To make the most of these skills, he formed his integrated consulting firm, Whitespace Brand Consulting or WSBC, which is now ten years old. 


The earlier days were substantially more challenging because the markets needed to be more developed to grasp the demand or to recognise their services to build a brand. It was also hampered by clients’ price sensitivity, which prevented them from agreeing on pricing because they needed to see the value in establishing the brand as an intangible asset. 


Most business owners were content with their current methods and needed more foresight to build something revolutionary. With the use of deep dive sessions and workshops, he was able to persuade the management to engage in establishing a brand. Building one case at a time slowly and gradually led to the acquisition of clients over time. 


For a service provider company, word-of-mouth marketing must take precedence. Due to the fact that many brands achieved success after utilising their services, which was manifested in both physical forms of higher revenue and intangible forms of enhanced goodwill, they have gained a large clientele who turn to them whenever the need arises. He has effectively interpreted the concept of brand building, which takes time to bear fruit. He has also offered his knowledge in product management, counselling corporate and marketing managers on brand positioning, market research, and consumer research.


Sanju Pudyandil has often stressed the importance of the idea that a brand needs time to establish new pillars or replace old ones to have any chance of competing with rivals. With his various talents, including those of an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner and qualified yoga instructor, he is well-positioned to establish many more aspirational brands in the years to come. 


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