Vivek Raman Shares His Principles for Life & Success (Exclusive Interview)

Discover Vivek Raman’s story, from his early biography to the life-changing decisions that lead to his success. 

Many know that Vivek Raman is the co-founder and executive director of the Regrob Group of Companies He established a tech-enabled real estate brokerage company Regrob, Real estate project by name of Shubham shantam ,Digiuniversity investment arm into web 3 companies in a few years. And took his venture to the top position.


Vivek is a living example that people could become successful despite their background or circumstances. A real-life story starts from zero to building a very successful company. This is the story of how a middle-class boy became a self-made, successful entrepreneur.Vivek was born and brought up in a small town where his father was in a job.


During his childhood, he had a passion for business. He started renting comics to friends and relatives. Vivek started running a video game parlor at the age of 13 years. His father and brother caught him running the business. 


His love for his business consumed his study time. He couldn’t focus properly on his studies. His father always wanted him to become an engineer, doctor, or IAS. He watched many movies on real estate where people made money in this business. His fondness for real estate grew more when he invested in real estate and got good returns.


How did Vivek Raman start? 


Because of his family pressure, he started working in companies. Simultaneously, he was doing business. He invested a lot of his salary in real estate and business. He failed in his business many times. One thing he realized was that one should do one work at a time. He learned lots of things from his failure for his next venture.


After quitting his job, he started a travel business. It failed. He lost a huge sum. He sold all his real estate and returned the debt. Nevertheless, Vivek was determined to start again. And so, set up a real estate brokerage business.When asked about how his tremendous success came about, Mr. Vivek often responds that he unlearned all old things and learned new ways to do business. He stopped following the crowd and started paying attention to what he calls his ‘inner superhero.’

From his story of failure to success, and then back to collapse and even greater success


Vivek Raman Interview


What does being a successful entrepreneur mean to you?

An Entrepreneur is, by definition, a person who organizes and operates business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks to do so. The reason to take on greater than average risk is for something bigger than just income from a job or meeting basic needs. Whether your goal is to have financial freedom, leave a legacy, or make the world a better place, it is the entrepreneur who can achieve these lofty goals.


If you could spend a day hanging out with people from history and current for advice, who would they be, and what would you ask them?


So many, but I would love to hang out with the guys who built the monster empires like Alexander. I want to know what kept these guys going for more when they had so much and what were their biggest challenges.

Then there are the wealthy magnates like John D. Rockefeller.


He is a guy who went from raising turkeys and selling potatoes to his company refining ninety percent of the USA’s oil. He is a man who went from nothing to this massive wealth and having this ongoing legacy. It’s pretty damn interesting.


What are some of your aims for the next ten years?

My goal is to build a billion-dollar business that will shake up the entire industry. The goal is to provide ordinary people access to real estate deals for the first time. Second, I want my people, all my partners , to earn huge money and have great freedom.

Third, I want to enter 190 countries through my business. Fourth, I want to travel the world with my wife and kids to meet and make friends with people from EVERY country on this planet. I want to spend as much time as I can with my wife and kids traveling the world.

I also want to sponsor education for kids. I won’t be remembered because of the money I made but, hopefully, how many people I help. I am working on how I’ll be remembered in 2100.

What are important skills to become a successful business owner?

People wait for a long time to make a decision. Business is all about fast decision-making. Second, surround yourself with successful people. Millionaires can make you a millionaire.And they might not have achieved the success you desire. That limits your decision. So I suggest not to take advice from your current environment.


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