Blockchain Solutions Network is Achieving Milestones with its Quality Services

Blockchain technology is without a doubt our future. It is a well-built integrated solution that is leaping forward and taking initiative to make out future bright. With the growing craze and interest towards Blockchain and Crypto, BCSN or Blockchain Solutions Network has come forward to build mobile and web solutions. The brainchild of Shailesh Rajput, Blockchain Solutions Network is an innovative blockchain-powered company.

 Shailesh Rajput is a financial expert and blockchain proficient who holds years of in hand experience in this sector. With the blockchain being the future, it offers a better and comprehensive business model for the world and allows them to grow with ease and smoothness. It provides information, and changes the way we store it, we memorize it. Blockchain Technology helps clients to infuse trust, transparency, and innovation in their business operations.

 Shailesh Rajput is the co-founder of Blockchain Solutions Network and CTO at IXFI. He has a great hold in diverse businesses such as operating businesses in Blockchain, Financial Systems, FinTech, Health-tech, Freight Logistics Management, and Affiliate Marketing in both B2B & B2C segments and the list goes on and on. He is a visionary human who has high ambitions. With the launch of Blockchain Solutions Network, he aims to achieve them and turn his and people’s dream into reality. He provides strategies that are result-oriented and outcome driven. He has over 7 years of experience in leading technology planning, strategy development, leadership and implementation, product roadmap, solution delivery and key account management.

 With the inception of Blockchain Solutions Network there are various services that now are fulfilled under one roof, managing IT services like Consulting and Minimum Viable Product, Custom SaaS Software, Mobile Apps – Native and Hybrid, Product Engineering, UI / UX Design, Web Development, QA and Testing, DevOps, Ecommerce, Software Support, Graphic Designing while their main USP remains the Blockchain technology that offers services and programs such as, to name a few; Consulting and Proof of Concept, New Blockchain – Public/Private, DeFi (Decentralized Finance), Blockchain P2P Lending Platform, DApp (Decentralized Application), NFT and Marketplace, New Cryptocurrency/Token, Smart Contracts and Audits, Creating Consortium Network, Blockchain in IoT, Crypto Wallet and Custodians, Building Decentralized Exchange Hyperledger Applications, Staking Platforms, Decentralized Social Media.

 Providing all the services seamlessly at very affordable prices, Shailesh and his team at Block chain Solutions Network have done wonderful things. The huge customer base across the globe from various industries has only made it possible for them to grow and expand themselves. They serve diverse industries like; Supply Chain sector, Interoperability, Insurance and Corporate, Real Estate, Public Healthcare, Identity Management, Energy, Reviews & Ratings, Charity & Contribution, Music, Agriculture and Farming, Land Registry & Housing, Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising, Journalism & Content Creation, Non-Government and Government. They serve a wide range of people, with their wide services. Serving early start-ups to well-established businesses, Blockchain Solutions Network serves everyone. Their team of wonderful people is always ready to assist their clients with what is right for them and their product or business.

The company holds brilliant track records and because of the quality services that they not only offer but they provide as well they have been recognised as one of the best digital solution providers. Their quality has till date provided them with unparallel repute and fame. This position has consequently helped them increase their revenue. The basic principle that they believe is ‘Increasing your revenue helps us increase ours’. Whatever your goal is, they are always ready to commit themselves and work rigorously on it.

 Irrespective of what challenges they face, Blockchain Solutions Network has always fought these challenges and helped businesses reach their actual potential. Solving and helping with problems that they encounter is what Blockchain Solutions Network and team expertise at. They aim to harness its potential in offering indispensable interoperability within various industries.

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