“Maston Ka Jhund Music(Tech House Remix)”: A Fusion of Tradition and Modernity

Deepanshu Ruhela and Priyank are the dynamic duo that is taking the music industry by storm. Their latest release, “Maston Ka Jhund (Tech House Remix)” on Sony Music India, is set to drop like a bomb on February 3rd, and it’s guaranteed to light up the dance floors across the nation. These two DJs and producers have carved a niche for themselves with their unique and electrifying sound that blends traditional and modern elements.

Their music is a fusion of fresh beats, pulsating rhythms and cutting-edge soundscapes, creating a sonic landscape that’s nothing short of a musical carnival. Their tracks are sure to get the party started and get everyone up on their feet, grooving to the music. With this new release, they’re taking the scene by the horns and making their mark on the world stage.

“Deepanshu Ruhela and Priyank are set to revolutionize the music scene with their new release, Maston Ka Jhund. The duo is working with major labels like Sony Music to release more music in the future, as well as creating original content in the same style. Get ready to dance and be impacted by their unique and creative sound.” 

The Indian scene is undergoing a revolutionary transformation, and Deepanshu Ruhela and Priyank are at the forefront of this movement. Their latest release, “Maston Ka Jhund (Tech House Remix),” is a testament to their innovative sound and unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of music. This new release is a fusion of traditional Indian sounds with modern tech house beats, creating a sonic experience that is nothing short of spellbinding. 

“Tech House, which combines elements of techno and house, is becoming popular all over the world. People love its fast beats and strong bass sounds. This type of music is making an impact in many places, from the busy dance clubs in Ibiza to the cool underground clubs in Berlin. Tech House music is attracting people with its high energy, excitement, and new ideas. A famous DJ, DJ Snake, just released a Tech House version of “Patakha Guddi” that is a great example of how good this type of music can be. It makes people want to dance all night long. If you want to have a good time, you should try Tech House music and be a part of its growing popularity.”

The duo’s unique approach to music is setting the stage for a new era of dance music in India. Their tracks are a heady blend of pulsating rhythms, fresh beats and cutting-edge soundscapes, creating a musical landscape that’s sure to get everyone moving. With this new release, Ruhela and Priyank are not only bringing their music to the forefront of the Indian scene, but also making their mark on the global stage. Ruhela and Priyank are the musical mavericks who are paving the way for a new era of dance music in India, and their latest release is the perfect showcase of their innovative sound and boundary-pushing style. Get ready to experience the musical journey of a lifetime! 

By putting Indian music on the international level, Ruhela and Priyank are creating a new trend in the industry. Their music is not just for the Indian audience, but for anyone who loves innovative and fresh sounds. The pair is dedicated to showcasing the talent and potential of Indian music to the world, and “Maston Ka Jhund (Tech House Remix)” is sure to be a hit with audiences everywhere.

In conclusion, Deepanshu Ruhela and Priyank’s “Maston Ka Jhund (Tech House Remix)” is a powerhouse of musical excellence. The duo’s innovative sound and fearless approach to music creation is shaking up the industry and raising the bar for all who follow. Their release on February 3rd is not just a momentary blip on the musical radar, but a groundbreaking event that will leave a lasting impression and change the game forever.

With their unbridled passion for music and their unwavering commitment to creativity, Ruhela and Priyank are blazing a trail that others will struggle to follow. Their music is a beacon of hope for those seeking fresh and exciting sounds, and their latest release is the perfect example of what can be achieved when talent, hard work and creativity collide.

To put it simply, if you’re looking for a musical experience that will blow your mind and keep you on the edge of your seat, then you simply can’t miss Ruhela and Priyank’s “Maston Ka Jhund (Tech House Remix).” Get ready to be swept away by their electrifying sound and take the musical journey of a lifetime!


Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/iqgj21YYXJU


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