Experience the Timeless Beauty of Madhubani Paintings by Chitramayee

Chitramayee-Madhubani/Mithila Art Paintings are a form of traditional art that originated in the Mithila region of Bihar, India. These paintings are known for their intricate details, bold colours, and precise geometric patterns. Mrunmayee Bakal is a self-taught artist who has mastered the art of Madhubani/Mithila paintings and created a strong brand called " Chitramayee ," specialising in custom-made portraits.

Madhubani/Mithila paintings are unique because they are created using natural dyes and pigments derived from plants, minerals, and other natural sources. This makes them environmentally friendly and sustainable. The paintings can be built on various surfaces, including paper, cloth, and even walls. They are perfect for decorating homes, offices, and public spaces and are also used for storytelling and religious purposes.

Mrunmayee Bakal’s journey with art began as a child when she would doodle and sketch. As she grew up, she became more interested in painting, especially the traditional art of Madhubani/Mithila paintings. She decided to learn this art and has been passionately pursuing it for the past ten years. Her work is an expression of her innermost thoughts and feelings, and she strives to create pieces that look beautiful and have a deeper meaning.

Through her brand, Chitramayee, Mrunmayee offers custom-made Madhubani/Mithila paintings tailored to the client’s preferences. She takes the time to understand her client’s needs and creates unique pieces that tell their stories. Her images are perfect for those who want to add a personal
touch to their home decor or for those who want to gift a meaningful and beautiful piece of art to their loved ones.

Mrunmayee’s paintings reflect her deep connection with nature and her culture. She draws inspiration from the natural surroundings, and the stories and myths passed down through generations. Her paintings are a tribute to the rich cultural heritage of the Mithila region, and she hopes to preserve and promote this art form through her work.

Mrunmayee has participated in several group exhibitions and solo shows, and art enthusiasts and collectors have appreciated her work. Her paintings have been sold in India and abroad, and she has received recognition for her contribution to traditional art. Her brand, Chitramayee, has become a symbol of quality and creativity in Madhubani/Mithila’s custom-made paintings.

Mrunmayee’s paintings are art pieces and a medium for storytelling. Each painting tells a unique story, and she uses her art to convey messages of love, hope, and positivity. Her paintings are a celebration of life and nature, and they remind us of the beauty that surrounds us.

In conclusion, Madhubani/Mithila paintings are a form of traditional art that has been passed down through generations. Mrunmayee Bakal’s brand, Chitramayee, is a potent symbol of quality and creativity in custom-made Madhubani/Mithila paintings. Her paintings are not just beautiful but also meaningful and tell unique stories. Through her art, Mrunmayee hopes to preserve and promote the rich cultural heritage of the Mithila region and inspire others to appreciate and celebrate the beauty of traditional art.



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