Cure by Design offers Various Hemp Products, Aims to Destigmatize Cannabis

Cure by Design is one of the fastest-growing FMCG start-ups that offer the most comprehensive range of Hemp across the country. The start-up is based in Bangalore and is an excellent outcome of the Make in India campaign. The venture has emerged as one of India’s most significant Hemp and Ayurvedic industry players. The Global Industrial Hemp Market stood at $4.6 Billion in 2019 and is projected at 18.6 $Billion in 2027. In India, the current market size is over 1 million dollars, with high scope for the future.


Daanish Matheen founded cure by Design in the year 2019. He established the venture to change people’s social stigma and outlook toward Cannabis. Daanish Matheen says, “We started to create awareness in India towards the most misunderstood plant, the Cannabis. Cure by Design provides different Hemp products that range from Hemp Nutrition, Hemp for pets, personal care, etc. All these products are 100% natural without any preservatives or processing involved.”


In the current times when people are busy, it is essential to care for ourselves, from our skin to our hair. All of it is necessary and important. Cure by Design has developed products that help you live a healthy and glowing lifestyle. All the products manufactured, processed, and available at Cure by Design are produced using Hemp as their primary raw material. Hemp has always been an integral and vital part of  Indian Culture and is attached to our roots and history. The Hemp sourced at Cure By Design is directly from the foothills of the Himalayas, mainly from the state of Uttarakhand. 100% pure and direct from the farms, the quality of the products is never compromised, and the firm has achieved a high benchmark. In recent months, it has built a massive customer base who are more than satisfied with its products and services.


All the products manufactured at Cure by Design are done by a team of experts with years of experience under the supervision of a professional who ensures that only the best, flawless product is delivered to the customers. The company is recognized as one of the ten best personal care start-ups and has been the preferred logistics partner by ICAHRO.

Manufactured with high-level testing and quality checks, the product is checked and tested under various conditions by different hands; Hemp is one of the most historical raw materials besides Soma and barley mentioned in the Vedas.


Daanish Matheen established Cure by Design after in-depth research and planning. He has founded six startups, of which four have given him a taste of success and victory, while the remaining two gave him life-long lessons, teaching, and a path to success. “It was during one of my startups that I got exposed to the FMCG Industry, and while working here, I realized that this fascinated me, and with the scope it had, the future was great.” With the vision to change what people think about hemp and how it is stigmatized, hemp has many benefits and positive outcomes. Something that started with 12 SKUs now has over 80 SKUs. It has a different range of products, such as Hemp Nutrition, Personal grooming, CBD for pets, Aromatherapy, and medical range.


Currently, Cure by Design has widened the horizons and spread awareness among the people. But before Daanish did that, he made sure he knew enough about it; therefore, he got two diplomas in CBD for pets and medicinal cannabis CBD oil. They have also launched a new medical range for humans, using the full-spectrum Vijaya Leaf extracts that also carry many uses and benefits.


Cure by Design has come a long way, and today it has 32 + leading Veterinary Hospitals and Clinics in Bangalore. People love their customer service and their products, and as they are climbing the ladders of success, the love and support from people have been overwhelming to them. 


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