Pioneering Food Stories on Instagram


30th May 2020

“He needs to be rooted, one who can make space for everyone, open to all possibilities, take everything in his stride…” she went on describing her wish list of an ideal guy to her friend on the phone. Suddenly she heard a voice from the table. It was the Pav asking, “Will you marry me”

An innocuous short story put out on Instagram by Kumar Ganesan’s handle Storywallah80 went on to garner 1000+ likes and thus began the idea of breakfast tales, a collection of short stories that revolved around food accentuated by a classy picture that had people hungry for more.

A format that was unique and challenging, Kumar Ganesan, a published author known as Storywallah

decided to make it his mission to dish out one food tale a day and his perseverance and dedication today show up in form of over 450 tales with a following of 1 million + followers on his Instagram page.

His stories are fresh and original and often have a message that warms hearts. His content also appeals to all age groups and finds an audience worldwide.

He is perhaps India’s and the world’s only Food Story Writer who has reinvented Instagram a media traditionally reserved for photos and videos to become a handle to read stories.

His effort in doing so earns him a distinction in the Iconic Book Of Records as a Pioneering Food Storyteller on Instagram.

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