Are you looking for Investment Options? “Meet Laura Alina Dragu, a Dubai based Investment Advisor.


Laura Alina Dragu is a woman of many talents, accomplishments, and skills. She was born on the 7th of July 1988 in Romania, she has achieved remarkable success as an investment advisor, bullion precious metals trading expert, motorsports events, active in the equestrian world, model, and green energy solutions provider. In addition to her professional career, Laura is also an accomplished entrepreneur, real estate investor, precious metal investor, and beauty pageant winner.


As an investment advisor, Laura has become an expert in physical precious metals trading, breaking records in the sale of gold and silver at a regional level. She has also successfully opened the market for WEICHAI MARINE POWER in Dubai, helping to drive growth in the marine sector in the region. Laura is a former member of Expert United Marines Services, where she gained valuable experience and skills in a dynamic and challenging environment.


Laura’s passion for motorsports led her to become an organizer for rallies with superfast cars, where she has made a name for herself by organizing the Catch the Camel Supercars Rally in the UAE. She is also an avid motorcyclist, with a love for supersport bikes. Her skills in organizing events have also been put to use in the equestrian world, where she has implemented horse riding therapy sessions for children with special needs.


As a former show jumping and dressage equestrian, Laura’s love for horses has remained with her throughout her life. In addition to horse riding, she is also involved in mixed martial arts, travel, arts, and fashion. Laura’s diverse interests and skills have allowed her to become a well-rounded individual who is constantly seeking new experiences and challenges. 


As an entrepreneur, Laura has founded several successful companies, including HEALTHY HABITS, as co-founder of a health and wellness company, Lauren Domino Beauty Center, a beauty salon and spa, and CHI CERCA TROVA MAGAZINE, a mega advertisement agency. She has also been crowned Miss Italy for Foreigners in 2011, a testament to her beauty and grace.


Laura’s greatest strength is her resourcefulness and fighting spirit. She considers herself to be a fighter in both the ring and in real life, with no limits to what she can achieve. Her confidence in her abilities allows her to take on challenges with ease and overcome obstacles with determination.


In conclusion, Laura Alina Dragu is an accomplished investment advisor, events organizer, equestrian, model, entrepreneur, real estate investor, and precious metal investor. Her passion for motorsports, horses, and travel, as well as her skills in mixed martial arts, makes her a well-rounded individual with a thirst for new experiences and challenges. Laura’s fighting spirit and resourcefulness have allowed her to achieve remarkable success in her professional and personal life, and she serves as an inspiration to others who seek to achieve their dreams.



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