SATADAL RAY – a deep diver in HR fraternity

Satadal Ray, a Sr HR Professional with two decades of progressive experience in Talent Acquisition, runs his firm, “STATUTES CONSULTING SERVICES,” with a team of young H.R. talents assisting him in various H.R. value propositions. STATUTES CONSULTING SERVICES is into delivering T.A., O.D., P.M.S., Policies, Statutory Compliances, and many more services in the H.R. domain with a limited clientele across industries. Very recently, Satadal addressed a round table representing STATUTES CONSULTING SERVICES attended by many H.R. and other technical professionals. Satadal introduced his young teams to the table as Aravind, Aparna & Akshay. A few of the topics in the curator’s board were taken by Satadal. A quick capture of his thought process around the ‘Psychometric Assessment Tool in T.A. Process’ and the current rising need for ‘Organization Re-Design’ is reproduced below. Why Psychometric Assessments Tool and Satadal’s Insight. Satadal enthusiastically adds, ” Well.. in a T.A. process, Psychometric Assessment is a well- defined method with all reasonings in it for measurement of both behavioral traits and mental capabilities of a profile, especially from Mid Senior to Senior level. The assessments are meant to capture one’s skill sets, abilities, mindset, personality traits, and many more considerations that are necessary in today’s V.U.C.A. economic world.” Satadal adds, “Being easy to run, objective in operational character, cost & time efficient, P.A. tools are very user friendly and have already reached the highest level of popularity.” Satadal is found confidently endorsing the usage of the Psychometric Assessment Tool (PAT), as he vouches, “PAT invariably knocks off human bias, which is otherwise most likely to be prevalent in a talent acquisition process even when a recruiter employer is utmost careful of being unbiased but overruled by subjective unequitable mindset.” Satadal, with an analytic flair, further adds, “P.A.T.s are developed post a robust research methodology and crafted over a solid sub-structure of human behavior and capability matrix. Every assessment is representative of its reliability, consistency, and accuracy”. Besides PAT/s, Satadal emphasized various Talent Acquisition nuances, including strongly defined channels for CV imports & candidate sourcing, efficient recruitment CRMs, increasing A.I. supports, career paging, etc., in a touch-n-go attire. Speaking around Organization Re-Design, Satadal was found to cast up on increased organization efficacy, high-paced decisions, improved CRM (both internal & external), engaged and charged up the workforce, and future-readiness as a basic expectation from the subject exercise. The round table ended with many others’ warm participation and a vote of thanks by the curator and emcee. Satadal Ray can be reached at

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