Mother’s Day Special: Battling PCOD for a Healthier Maternal Journey

Mother’s Day

Patna, India – On Mother’s Day  Hermones by PMH Biocare celebrate the special day by raising awareness about the importance of women’s health and how the combination of Hermones and IVF treatments can improve the chances of successful conception.

Hormonal imbalances are a common cause of infertility and other lifestyle disorders in women, making it crucial for women to prioritize their health. To address hormonal imbalances, Hermones by PMH Biocare is a natural supplement that provides essential nutrients to support overall health, balance hormones, and improve fertility.


On this Mother’s Day, Dr.Sonali Gupta of Ashadeep Well Women Clinic, Raja Bazar,Patna, a Fertility and IVF Specialist, encourages women with PCOD to seek proper diagnosis, support, and guidance from healthcare professionals. Early detection and appropriate management of PCOD can significantly improve the chances of achieving a healthy pregnancy. Treatment options for PCOD may include lifestyle modifications, medication, and assisted reproductive techniques like in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

Dr. Sonali also emphasizes the importance of providing emotional support and understanding to women and couples navigating the complexities of PCOD and infertility. By fostering a supportive environment and breaking the stigma surrounding infertility, society can help alleviate the burden faced by those on their path to motherhood .

Hermones offers numerous benefits, including improved fertility, reduced acne and hair growth, weight management support, and enhanced mental health. With its natural ingredients, Hermones helps women balance their hormones naturally and overcome the challenges of hormonal imbalances.


Co-founder of PMH Biocare, Usha Kumari, emphasized the company’s commitment to improving women’s health in India. “We understand the importance of hormonal balance for women’s health, and we’re proud to offer a natural supplement like Hermones that can help women feel their best. We believe that every woman deserves to feel empowered and in control of her health, and by combining Hermones with IVF treatments, we can improve the chances of successful conception and help women achieve their dreams of motherhood,” said Usha Kumari.


This Mother’s Day, Hermones urging women to prioritize their health and seek out natural solutions to address hormonal imbalances. With the help of Hermones and IVF treatments women can feel confident and empowered in their journey towards better health and successful conception.


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