The USA has Levis, Italy has Diesel and Japan has Momotaro. So, why isn’t India famous for its own jeans?

Rogic-India may not yet have a denim brand that is as famous as Levis, Diesel, or Momotaro, while the country has the potential to develop a denim industry that is uniquely its own and can compete on the global stage.


With this dream, Amit Wadhwa embarked on a journey in December 2011 to create a truly home grown Denim brand which can compete on the international level and give Indians a global brand completely made in India. 


While India is a major producer of denim fabric and garments, it hasn’t yet produced a globally recognized denim brand of its own.


There are a few reasons for this. One is that the Indian denim industry is relatively young compared to the industries in countries like the United States and Japan. Denim production in India only began in the 1980s, and it took some time for the industry to develop the necessary skills and infrastructure for producing high-quality denim products.


Another factor is that the Indian market has traditionally favoured international brands over domestic ones, so there hasn’t been as much demand for locally-produced denim. However, this is changing as more Indian consumers become interested in supporting homegrown brands.


To truly establish itself as a major player in the global denim industry, India will need to continue investing in research and development, as well as marketing and branding efforts to help promote its homegrown denim brands. It will also need to work on building a strong reputation for quality and craftsmanship, which takes time and investment.


After 3-4 years of research and development Amit was able to produce high quality denim in India through his brand “Rogic’ by 2018. Exporting denims to 3-4 countries made the foundation strong, and his belief in his product more concrete. India is one of the fastest-growing jeans markets globally, but local brands are behind international brands in terms of quality and marketing. While there may be high-quality jeans produced in India, they may not have the same level of recognition as other brands.


Rogic has recorded a turnover of 15cr. Last year and things are looking bright, Amit says, the hard work is finally paying off. He hopes one day most Indians recognise this and believe in swadeshi brand which makes 100% made in India denim, which matches the international standard and is on par with the biggest names in the industry.

Fully bootstrapped by Amit and his family, Rogic makes everything under one roof using locally produced raw materials. They make denim like it’s supposed to be made, with old machines, taking time, and building on Mumbai’s rich textile tradition. “Maybe it is the Sindhi upbringing, which tends us to find opportunities in the market and make a business,” says Amit. Sindhis are known for their business acumen and making Rogic the first international denim brand from India would be an ode to the Sindhi heritage and that’s where the focus is today. 


you would certainly find a great pair yourself.


Input’s from the Founder Mr. Amit Wadhwa and Creative Director Mr. George D’souza at Rogic. For any clarification write to us on our social platforms or visit our website. 



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