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BeFriends- As people are leading very busy lives, stress and tension have become quite common nowadays. These common causes lead to severe mental health problems such as depression. To help all these people who are dealing with such mental health issues, Hakimuddin A Vohra came up with the idea of BeFriends in 2019. BeFriends is an AI-backed emotional and mental health support platform which aims to provide daily care for issues such as stress, mood swings, traumatic events, and family neglect. 


Speaking of statistics, 89% of the young adult population in India requires active intervention for stress free life as they are experiencing different phases of depression. These 85% adults (16-24 age group) include school and college going children, middle class and upper middle class of the society, and early employees regardless of their gender. 


75% of this target population are not comfortable in sharing their problems like career pressure, academies, relationships, etc with anyone. It can also force them to take some wrong steps. 


According to the World Health Organization, 200 million people need active intervention to live a stress free life. Out of these, 42.5% are corporate sector employees and 42% are Indians suffering from different stages of Depression. Another significant fact that inspired Vohra to create this platform is that there was a 667% increase in Mental Health searches in 2022. 


These People are vulnerable to emotional helplessness, societal pressure, competition, lack of materialistic returns, ego issues, etc. Hence, there is a huge market in India for startups focusing on Mental health. To relieve them from all their mental health issues, stress, and depression, BeFriends has introduced a safe and private platform where they can share their feelings and problems. 


An individual can anonymously chat with the experts while struggling through difficult times. BeFriends ensure a safe environment for them to open up about everything they are keeping inside. 


In fact, it’s their vision to create a world where talking about emotions, stress or mental health in general is not frowned upon or taken lightly. They make sure to be present there for people to support them through tough times at least by listening to them and ensuring their well being. They promise the public to be heard, to be cared for and to be able to grow. 


Unlike the majority of the other platforms, BeFriends is not just about taking up a session with a counsellor or talking to an expert but the unity and the urge to support each other. Through well developed AI equipment, they provoke people to do self care, build or to connect with a community and come out of the stressful life. There is not a certain way BeFriends claims to help people deal with these mental health issues but several ways. 


For instance, they never let you feel alone by always being there for you in some way. They promise to keep people engaged by offering some casual, non addictive, easy and stress buster in-app games or creating their virtual friend backed by emotional intelligence algorithm. 


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