Employee Transport Management: Cost-effective & Efficient.

As companies grow and hire more employees, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage employee transportation. Plus, with the increase in transportation expenses, there is a risk of inefficiencies creeping in due to a lack of visibility into operational and financial metrics. 

But, by implementing employee transport management software, you can increase overall efficiency while minimizing costs.

Some of the reasons for inefficiency include the following:

  • 1. A higher number of vehicles are assigned for pickup and drop.
  • 2. High fuel costs make up for a big chunk of the transportation costs.
  • 3. Faulty route planning.

What Makes Employee Transport Management Software Efficient and Cost-effective?

You must invest in employee transport management software if you’re offering employee transportation services. Here’s why-

  1. Reduced Fuel Costs 

Fuel costs can make up a significant portion of transportation expenses, ranging from 5-15% on average. As a result, it can be frustrating to see your monthly budget for fuel exceed expectations.

The best way to keep fuel costs in check is to constantly track fuel usage and observe how much fuel is consumed daily. You can easily do this using an employee transport management solution.

It gives in-depth reports and analytics about the consumption of fuel, driving behavior, and cost per mile. Plus, you will get alerts if there is any change from the regular fuel consumption trend. 

Thus, using this software, you can effectively monitor fuel costs and make informed decisions to optimize fuel usage and reduce expenses.

  1. Save on Hiring Costs

You need to have a dedicated team around the clock when managing employee transportation manually. This results in increased demand for resources and higher costs.

An employee transport management solution helps you avoid these expenses. It allows you to automate scheduling, minimize paperwork, and manage operational costs more efficiently.

The software also automates the billing process, minimizing errors and making it more transparent and accurate. Moreover, you only need one or two employees to manage the billing for multiple vendors, leading to further cost savings.

  1. Optimal Utilisation of Vehicles

Another way to maximize efficiency is to ensure all your vehicles are optimally utilized. But manually keeping a tab of it can be daunting, resulting in increased costs, inefficiency, and wasted time.

An employee transport management solution simplifies this. It tracks the number of employees using the shuttle on each route, allowing you to determine if you have more vehicles in your fleet than required. 

You can also make necessary changes by using this data. For instance, you can identify vehicles that are constantly unused or change the frequency of trips to optimize the number of employees using the shuttle. Moreover, if you have a mix of vehicles, you can predict the demand for each shift and optimize the vehicle allocation accordingly.

These improvements allow you to optimize your vehicle utilization and reduce costs by making more informed and data-driven decisions.

  1. Avoid Hefty Accident Expenses

An accident can lead to significant financial losses for companies. It can range from $16,000 to $75,000 and can escalate if it involves a fatality. But you can easily avoid such expenses by using employee transport management software.

With this software, you can track your fleet in real-time to ensure they are following the assigned route. However, real-time data alone is not enough to prevent accidents. You must also be aware of the driving habits of your drivers.  

That’s precisely where a robust employee transport management solution like MoveInSync comes in. Through their software, you can monitor driver behavior like sharp cuts, idling, harsh braking, or unscheduled stops. This helps you take timely actions to avoid mishaps and improve employee safety.

Ready to Maximise Efficiency and Minimise Expenses? Use Employee Transportation Management Solution

To ensure efficient vehicle operations, organizations must adopt an employee transport management solution that provides real-time data on vehicle status. This technology eliminates discrepancies in the employee transportation process, increasing efficiency and reducing expenses.

But don’t just invest in any software. While there are multiple vendors in the market, top players like MoveInSync stand out with their comprehensive solutions for employee commuting. Their offerings include-

  • Employee Transport Software (ETS),
  • Rentlz
  • Shuttle, and
  • GetToWork

Their software offers a streamlined approach to employee transportation, making it easier for companies to schedule, track, and route. Using its automated reports, you can take necessary steps to maximize efficiency and minimize expenses.

If you are still on the fence, schedule a demo and see for yourself how they can help you.


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