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What is Qikink?

Qikink- In a dynamic move set to redefine the landscape of custom merchandise, Qikink, India’s premier Print on Demand (POD) company, announces its revolutionary approach to empower individuals to build their own fashion brands. Specializing in creating and selling custom-printed products, from T-shirts to phone cases, it seamlessly handles order fulfillment, allowing entrepreneurs to focus solely on designing and selling their creations.


Your Simplified Path to Online Selling

Embark on an effortless journey into online selling with Qikink, recognized as India’s No.1 Print on Demand (POD) company. This transforms the e-commerce approach, simplifying the process for entrepreneurs and providing a convenient solution to kickstart a custom merchandise business with zero inventory and investment.


Start With Qikink!

It presents an innovative pathway for aspiring entrepreneurs to transform creative visions into thriving businesses. Say goodbye to the usual complexities of starting a venture, as it empowers individuals to launch a side hustle, generate income, and scale it into a full-fledged fashion eCommerce business.


Crafting a Fashion Empire: The Side Hustle Evolution

Breaking ground for aspiring entrepreneurs, it opens the door for seamless side hustles that can evolve into lucrative businesses. This cutting-edge platform ensures accessibility and profitability in the realm of custom merchandise.


Effortless Start for Budding Entrepreneurs

Qikink’s user-friendly platform simplifies online selling for beginners. Easily upload your designs, choose from a range of high-quality products, and start selling. it takes care of the rest, with a dedicated customer support team available to assist sellers.


Our Diverse Product Showcases

Explore Qikink’s extensive range of customizable products, from apparel to home decor, allowing entrepreneurs to cater to diverse niches and markets. This diverse catalog positions as the largest and most reliable POD company in India.


Cost-Effective and Risk-Free

Qikink minimizes financial risks associated with starting a business. With a pay-as-you-sell model and no upfront costs or inventory requirements, entrepreneurs can enter the eCommerce world without significant financial investments.


Unveiling Qikink’s Quality Standards

Rest assured with it’s commitment to quality. Utilizing state-of-the-art printing technologies from Germany & Japan and premium materials, it ensures that every product meets the highest standards, enhancing the reputation of entrepreneurs and fostering customer satisfaction.


Qikink – Looking Ahead

Sivaraman, the visionary founder of Qikink, shares his motivation: “Our ultimate goal is to be the trusted partner for entrepreneurs, simplifying the eCommerce journey and providing the support needed to thrive. This is set to be a true game-changer in the eCommerce world, empowering entrepreneurs to create a brand minus the hassles.”


Future Enhancements

It has ambitious plans for the future, expanding the product range, introducing more customization options, and enhancing the user interface for a smoother experience. These enhancements aim to provide even more tools and support for sellers to succeed in the world of POD and Dropshipping.

For those eager to embark on their entrepreneurial journey, it offers a hassle-free onboarding process, allowing interested individuals to sign up for free and explore the platform. Whether launching a part-time side hustle or scaling an existing eCommerce business, it provides the tools and support needed to turn creative vision into a profitable reality. Visit Qikink today and unleash your entrepreneurial potential.



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