Jio collaborates with IIT-B to develop ‘Bharat GPT’ and plans to introduce an operating system for televisions, according to Akash Ambani1

“Jio’s Vision for the Future: AI, Innovation, and Transformative Technologies”

Akash Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Jio Infocomm, announced the collaboration with the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay for the development of the ‘Bharat GPT’ program. He also revealed that the company, a subsidiary of Reliance Industries, is actively considering the launch of an operating system for televisions. Ambani emphasized the importance of building an “ecosystem of development” and mentioned the ongoing work on the vision of “Jio 2.0.”

During a speech at the annual Techfest of the institute, Ambani highlighted the partnership with IIT Bombay dating back to 2014 and discussed the company’s efforts in artificial intelligence (AI). He expressed the belief that AI will revolutionize various sectors, and the company is striving to integrate AI both vertically within the organization and horizontally across all sectors, including media, commerce, communication, and devices.


Ambani disclosed ongoing efforts to develop an operating system for televisions and emphasized the comprehensive planning behind the initiative. He projected 2024 as a significant year for the family due to his brother’s upcoming marriage. Additionally, Ambani expressed enthusiasm about providing 5G private networks to enterprises, making India the “biggest innovation center” for the next decade and predicting a USD 6 trillion economy by the end of the decade.

Highlighting the transformative impact of AI, Ambani shared anecdotes about AI applications controlling mattress temperature. He underscored Jio’s commitment to serving India’s interests, positioning the company as the world’s largest startup. Encouraging young entrepreneurs, Ambani urged them not to fear failure and emphasized the importance of working for societal good, particularly in the consumer space. He portrayed technology as a “great equalizer” that transcends boundaries and reiterated Jio’s focus on future technologies.

Ambani delved further into the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, noting that the current decade would be defined by the applications of large language models and generative AI. He underscored the transformative potential of AI, stating that it would “consume everything.” Beyond the conventional interpretation of AI as artificial intelligence, Ambani expressed a broader perspective, interpreting it as “all included.”


Within Jio, Ambani emphasized a holistic approach to AI integration, not only as a standalone vertical within the organization but also extending horizontally across diverse sectors. The company’s commitment to launching innovative products and services in media, commerce, communication, and devices echoed its ambition to stay at the forefront of technological advancements.

Ambani shared insights into the ongoing development of Jio’s proprietary operating system for televisions, emphasizing a meticulous and comprehensive strategy for its eventual launch. He reiterated Jio’s stance as the largest startup globally, urging aspiring entrepreneurs to embrace a fearless attitude toward failure and emphasizing the intrinsic connection between societal welfare and entrepreneurial endeavors, particularly in the consumer space.

The chairman of Reliance Jio also spoke passionately about the role of technology as a “great equalizer” that transcends demographic and caste boundaries. He reiterated Jio’s commitment to staying ahead in terms of future technologies, always keeping a vigilant eye on emerging trends.

Ambani concluded his address by encouraging everyone to approach their work with deep passion and commitment. He reaffirmed Jio’s dedication to serving the interests of India and positioned the company as a pivotal player in the ever-evolving landscape of technology and innovation.

As Ambani continued to share his insights, he elaborated on the significance of 2024 for his family, anticipating a momentous occasion with his brother’s upcoming wedding. Transitioning from personal milestones to corporate endeavors, he expressed Jio’s excitement about offering 5G private networks, highlighting the company’s commitment to providing a 5G stack to enterprises, regardless of their size.

With a visionary outlook, Ambani referred to India as the “biggest innovation center” for the next decade. Confident in the nation’s potential, he predicted India’s ascent to a USD 6 trillion economy by the end of the decade. This optimistic outlook underscored the role Jio aims to play in driving technological advancements and economic growth on a national scale.

In a nod to the dynamic nature of technological progress, Ambani painted a vivid picture of AI’s pervasive influence. Sharing a personal anecdote about an AI app controlling mattress temperature, he emphasized the inclusivity inherent in the term AI—expanding beyond artificial intelligence to encapsulate the concept of “all included.” This broad perspective positioned AI not merely as a technological advancement but as an integral force shaping various aspects of daily life.

Ambani’s characterization of Jio as the largest startup globally was accompanied by a call for young entrepreneurs to embrace innovation with courage, acknowledging that failures are inherent to the path of progress. Stressing the importance of societal impact, he urged entrepreneurs, particularly those in the consumer space, to align their efforts with the greater good.

Closing his address, Ambani reiterated the profound impact of technology as a “great equalizer,” breaking down barriers and fostering inclusivity. He left the audience with a resounding call to be deeply passionate about their work, reinforcing Jio’s commitment to pioneering advancements that transcend boundaries and contribute to the technological landscape of the future.

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