GoBikes: Transforming Indian Mobility with Innovative Two-Wheeler Rentals


GoBikes, a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) company, is revolutionizing India’s unorganized two-wheeler rental sector. By providing a unified platform, GoBikes aims to offer customers a hassle-free and trusted renting experience, promoting affordable independent transportation.
GoBikes is committed to being a 100% asset-light company, addressing the transportation void in India by offering convenient and affordable alternatives to cabs, autos, and metros. The focus is on de-congesting roads and facilitating first and last-mile connectivity for mass rapid public transport users. Bike rentals offer a convenient and cost-effective alternative to buying a bike, and can be a good option for those who only need a bike temporarily.

India, predominantly a two-wheeler nation, values the unbeatable economics and convenience of two-wheelers. With an estimated net worth of $335 billion by 2025, the two-wheeler rental market is positioned as a solution to traffic congestion, pollution, and a catalyst for local tourism. “More than 50% of India’s population is below 25, and over 65% is below 35, supporting shared mobility solutions. The young population, coupled with an emerging entrepreneurial culture, contributes significantly to the success of two-wheeler rental services” says Siddharth Chandra, Founder & CEO of GoBikes.

The two-wheeler rental market is experiencing rapid growth driven by increased demand for micro-mobility, emission-free vehicles, and the need for economical transportation. Cities grappling with traffic congestion and pollution find relief in this trend, offering a convenient and affordable alternative for commuters and adventure enthusiasts alike.
Key Factors:

  1. Micro Mobility Demand: Rising interest in micro-mobility and sustainable transportation fuels the growth of two-wheeler rentals.
  2. Urbanization Challenges: Rapid urbanization, strict emission norms, and traffic congestion contribute to the increasing popularity of two-wheelers as a practical solution.
  3. Tourism Boost: Two-wheeler rentals provide a cost-effective and convenient option for exploring, contributing to a surge in local tourism.

As the world shifts towards sustainable transportation, the two-wheeler rental market emerges as a key player in meeting the evolving transportation needs of urban populations.

India is recognized as one of the world’s largest two-wheeler markets, a distinction attributed to the cost-effective and efficient alternative that motorcycles present compared to private cars, taxis, and even public transportation.

GoBikes Team is leveraging IT services for systematic vendor management to ensure and synchronize demand and supply for motorbike rentals. They are enabling and facilitating guaranteed services to our end customers through a systemic mix of technology and manual intervention in our processes.

One of the key differentiators in GoBikes versus other platforms is their ideology to serve better where they firmly believe that financial returns are a byproduct of a happy and satisfied customer. This has forced them to ensure zero failure and negligence in all processes starting from vendor onboarding, fleet listing, and training of our vendors and ground staff to payment/payback systems.
However, most other rental service providers keep financial returns as their foremost priority and end up having bad or worse customer experiences. Some examples include providing damaged or exhausted vehicles to customers, lack of proper payment & payback system, and lack of professionalism towards customers by their ground staff.
Due to well-organized operations and processes, we have organically started getting interested from the B2B sector for facilitating larger fleets of motorbikes for longer durations that, too, with advance lease commitments.

Headquartered in Bangalore, GoBikes operates in 30 cities, collaborating with 500+ dealers and listing 5000+ two-wheelers on its platform. This expansive network ensures widespread availability and accessibility for users across the country.
“We are a zero-asset model and believe that since the asset is already available with owners, we facilitate them a regular income by listing their fleet on our technology-enabled platform”, says Siddharth Chandra, Founder & CEO of GoBikes.


GoBikes addresses challenges in the existing market, such as the need for more management among vendors and the unsynchronized availability of motorbikes. The company aims to rectify these issues by introducing a fair and user-friendly pricing model for motorbike rentals.

In conclusion, GoBikes emerges as a transformative force in India’s two-wheeler rental market, leveraging technology, innovation, and a commitment to sustainability to offer a seamless and eco-friendly mobility solution.





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