Unveiling Elegance: Sashafé – Where Medical Wear Meets High Elegance



Welcome to the realm of Sashafe, a haven for the avant-garde in sophisticated medical attire. We take pride in seamlessly blending elegance and professionalism as pioneers of the premier designer brand for medical clothing. Our mission is to reshape the narrative of medical apparel by transcending the commonplace and infusing a touch of exclusivity into the everyday.


Designer Hijabs for Doctors – Unveiling a New Tradition

Sashafé empathizes with the unique challenges that doctors encounter, especially when incorporating essential medical accessories. The all-in-one hijab integrates designated spaces for a stethoscope and mask, ensuring that functionality never compromises tradition. It exemplifies Sashafé’s commitment to supporting Muslim women in their professional endeavours. Explore our collection of designer hijabs crafted for those who seek nothing short of the finest.


Beyond Ordinary Scrubs: Unveiling the New Era of Elite Medical Attire

Our luxuriously soft and autoclavable medical scrubs epitomize opulence. Redefining comfort in the medical industry, our new scrubs are tailored to perfection. Sashafé offers scrub sets that transcend the ordinary, providing medical professionals with attire that is not only practical but also gracefully elegant. Step into the limelight of medical scrubs that distinguish you from the ordinary scrubs of life.


Lab Coats that Command Respect

Explore a curated selection of lab coats for medical professional that surpass conventional norms. Our lab coats are more than mere garments; they symbolize sophistication. The collection harmonizes elegance and functionality, featuring everything from classic white lab coats to chic apron coats.


Sashafé- Accessorize Your Experience: Doctor Jewellery and Beyond

Adorn yourself with our exclusive doctor jewellery collection, featuring unique items like doctor pendants and stethoscope necklaces. Each piece is meticulously crafted, making them ideal gifts for doctors or a distinctive addition to your wardrobe. Our jewellery collection transcends the ordinary, allowing you to express your passion for medicine with each piece.


From Head to Toe:  Shoes, Medical Socks, and More

Complete your ensemble with our meticulously chosen variety range of medical shoes for doctors . Our doctor socks add a whimsical touch with fancy and charming designs, ensuring that every step you take is an expression of grace.


Beyond the Scrubs: Accessories that Define You

Personalize your medical uniform with accessories that convey a profound statement. Our retractable badge holders, personalized name badges, and logo embroidery/digital prints elevate your outfit. For those seeking the perfect gift for a doctor friend or loved one, our gift cards are available.


Where Sophistication and Medicine Intersect

Sashafé stands at the juncture of sophistication and utility, providing medical professionals with a platform to articulate themselves through their attire. With our exclusive collection of medical apparel and accessories, you can embrace the extraordinary and redefine your style. Enter the enchanting world of Sashafé to embark on a journey towards unparalleled elegance.

Visit us at Bandra West, Mumbai; First Ever Designer Wear boutique, to experience the enchantment firsthand, or shop online for a seamless browsing experience.



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