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Bobby Deol as Kumbhakarna and Lara Dutta Portraying Kaikeyi Bring Excitement to Nitesh Tiwari’s Ramayan

Bobby Deol Contemplates Kumbhkaran  and Lara Dutta Set for Kaikeyi,in Nitesh Tiwari’s Epic Ramayan

In the realm of Nitesh Tiwari’s ambitious project, the casting saga unfolds as discussions with actors Lara Dutta and Bobby Deol take center stage. While Lara Dutta is poised to step into the character of Kaikeyi, negotiations with Bobby Deol for the role of Kumbhkaran are still pending, offering an intriguing glimpse into the making of this epic film, starring Ranbir Kapoor as Lord Ram.

Nitesh Tiwari, known for his storytelling prowess, is reportedly deep in talks with Lara Dutta to embody the character of Kaikeyi in his upcoming film, Ramayan. The filmmaker is meticulous in his quest for actors who can seamlessly embody the timeless characters from Indian history. A source close to the project revealed, “He feels Lara Dutta is perfect to play the part of Princess Kaikeyi, the third consort of King Dasharatha. It’s a pivotal character that leads to the entire conflict in Ramayana, and Lara is excited to enter the fantastical world of Nitesh Tiwari.”

Bobby Deol
Bobby Deol

The report suggests that Ramayan is envisioned as a trilogy, with Lara Dutta’s character playing a significant role in the first installment. She is expected to join Ranbir Kapoor during the film’s first schedule in March. As the casting process unfolds, the selection of actors for other pivotal roles remains a work in progress.

In the quest for the perfect ensemble, Nitesh Tiwari is also eyeing Bobby Deol to bring the character of Kumbhkaran to life. However, the actor is reportedly taking his time to mull over the proposal. A source shared insights, stating, “Bobby Deol  is yet to get back to Nitesh Tiwari on Ramayana. He might or might not do the film and will take a call in the next 2 months. Post the success of Animal, Bobby Deol  is right now flooded with offers from across the industry, and he will be making his choices over the coming few months.”

The casting team is also engaged in advanced discussions with Sunny Deol for the role of Lord Hanuman. Both Nitesh Tiwari and Ranbir Kapoor are reportedly keen to have Sunny Deol on board, adding another layer of anticipation to the film.

In the epic ensemble, Ranbir Kapoor is set to portray Lord Ram, while Sai Pallavi has been chosen to embody Sita. The film will also feature the acclaimed Kannada actor Yash of KGF fame as the formidable Ravana.

Bobby Deol
Bobby Deol

As Nitesh Tiwari’s Ramayan takes shape, the intricate process of casting unfolds, offering glimpses into the grandeur and scale of this cinematic venture. The anticipation builds as the ensemble comes together to bring to life the revered characters from one of India’s most cherished epics.

The forthcoming cinematic venture, Nitesh Tiwari’s Ramayan, not only promises an illustrious cast but also a meticulously curated ensemble that aims to do justice to the revered characters from the timeless epic said Bobby Deol . The anticipation surrounding the film is not just centered on the star-studded lineup but also on the creative vision that Nitesh Tiwari brings to the table.

Lara Dutta’s potential portrayal of Kaikeyi adds a layer of excitement, given the pivotal role this character plays in the unfolding narrative of Ramayana. Known for her versatility as an actor, Lara’s entry into the fantastical world crafted by Nitesh Tiwari is eagerly awaited. Her collaboration with Ranbir Kapoor, who steps into the shoes of Lord Ram, is bound to create a dynamic on-screen presence.

Bobby Deol
Bobby Deol

On the other front, the contemplation in Bobby Deol’s decision to take on the role of Kumbhkaran adds an element of intrigue. As an actor enjoying a surge in popularity post the success of “Animal,” Bobby’s choice to be part of Ramayan, a project with immense cultural and cinematic significance, will undoubtedly be a subject of industry interest. The influx of offers and the decision-making process he undergoes underscore the caliber and choices at his disposal.

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