Sania Mirza

Sania Mirza Family Confronts Shocking Revelation of Shoaib Malik’s 3 rd Marriage with Pakistani Actress Sana Javed

Sania Mirza Family Reveals Shoaib Malik’s Unilateral Divorce Amidst Marriage Announcement

In a startling revelation following former Pakistan cricket team captain Shoaib Malik’s announcement of his second marriage to actress Sana Javed, a family member of Sania Mirza, the former India tennis player and Malik’s first wife, disclosed that the tennis ace had unilaterally divorced his husband.

The family source, speaking to PTI, described the divorce as a ‘khula,’ invoking the Muslim woman’s right to unilaterally divorce her husband. Intriguingly, the same quote was initially attributed to Imran Mirza, Sania’s father, in the initial PTI report.

Sania Mirza
Sania Mirza

Malik shared a photo with Javed on social media, captioning it with the phrase, “And We created you in pairs.” The duo has collaborated on multiple shows and TV commercials in Pakistan, establishing a close association over time.

Rumors about differences between Shoaib and Sania had been circulating for some time, with the celebrity couple seldom seen together in recent years. Though various reports hinted at a split, no official confirmation was provided. Malik, on several occasions during Pakistani TV shows last year, evaded questions related to Sania. Adding to the speculation, he recently unfollowed the Indian star on Instagram.

Sania Mirza
Sania Mirza

Shoaib and Sania exchanged vows in April 2010 in Hyderabad, the Indian player’s hometown, and resided in Dubai. The couple welcomed their son, Ihzaan Mirza Malik, in October 2018, with the child currently residing with Sania.

Remarkably, this marks Sana Javed’s second marriage, as she had previously tied the knot with singer Umair Jaiswal in 2020 during a simple ceremony amid the pandemic. Javed, known for her roles in popular drama serials and Pakistani films, had been the subject of divorce rumors with Jaiswal two months prior.

Sania Mirza, considered one of India’s greatest tennis players, officially announced her retirement last year. Over a illustrious 20-year career, she secured 43 WTA doubles titles and one singles trophy, making her a trailblazer for women in sports.

Sania Mirza
Sania Mirza

Meanwhile, Shoaib Malik, who has yet to declare his retirement from T20Is, boasts an impressive cricket career. Representing Pakistan in 35 Tests, 285 ODIs, and 124 T20Is, he accumulated close to 12,000 international runs and took over 200 wickets. His last appearance for Pakistan was in a T20I against Bangladesh in 2021.

As the complexities of these personal relationships unfold amidst public scrutiny, the spotlight remains on the public figures involved, highlighting the challenges they face both on and off the field.

The unfolding saga continues to captivate public attention as the intricate details of these personal relationships unravel, casting a stark light on the challenges faced by public figures both on and off the field.


The revelation of Shoaib Malik’s unilateral divorce from Sania Mirza raises questions about the dynamics that led to this unexpected turn of events. The term ‘khula,’ denoting a woman’s right to initiate divorce in Islamic law, adds a layer of complexity to the situation. The initial attribution of this disclosure to Imran Mirza, Sania’s father, adds an intriguing twist, leaving room for speculation regarding the source of this information.

Shoaib Malik’s social media announcement of his second marriage with Sana Javed, accompanied by a caption reflecting on the creation of pairs, adds an element of symbolism to the unfolding narrative. The professional collaboration between Malik and Javed in various shows and commercials hints at a connection that goes beyond the personal realm, sparking curiosity about the evolution of their relationship.

The rumors surrounding the strained relationship between Shoaib and Sania had reached their zenith in recent times. The rarity of public appearances by the celebrity couple and Malik’s deliberate evasion of Sania-related questions during TV shows fueled the speculation. The act of unfollowing Sania on Instagram, a notable move in the age of social media scrutiny, adds a modern twist to the unfolding drama.

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