HanuMan Surges Past ₹158.5 Crore in India, Starring Teja Sajja “Legendary Success”

HanuMan Reigns with ₹158.5 Crore in India on Day 15, Teja Sajja Leads the Charge

“HanuMan’s Phenomenal Journey: A Box Office Triumph Directed by Prasanth Varma”

The success story of “HanuMan” directed by Prasanth Varma continues to unfold as the film dominates both the global and domestic box office. With each passing day, the film’s remarkable performance is reaffirmed, showcasing its widespread popularity among audiences worldwide.


Director Prasanth Varma took to social media platform X (formerly Twitter) to share the latest milestone achieved by the film. Posting a captivating poster declaring the film’s worldwide earnings of ₹250 crore, Prasanth expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming response, captioning the post with humility and amazement, accompanied by a folded hands emoji, with the hashtag #JaiHanuman. Led by the talented Teja Sajja, “HanuMan” has garnered praise from critics for its engaging portrayal of the timeless battle between good and evil, infused with elements of mythology.


The film’s box office journey in India has been nothing short of spectacular. According to Sacnilk.com, “movie” raked in ₹99.85 crore in its opening week, with impressive contributions from various regions including Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam. Continuing its momentum into the second week, the film added ₹58.65 crore to its earnings, solidifying its status as a box office powerhouse. With a cumulative total of ₹158.5 crore in India alone, “movie” has captivated audiences across linguistic boundaries, resonating strongly with viewers from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Reflecting on the overwhelming success of “movie” director Prasanth Varma expressed his astonishment at the unprecedented love and support received from audiences. For Prasanth, whose previous films received critical acclaim but fell short in terms of commercial success, the overwhelming response to “movie” marks a significant milestone in his career. The director attributed the film’s success to its unique blend of mythology and innovative storytelling, which introduced audiences to lesser-known characters from Indian mythology while celebrating their greatness.


Set in the fictional realm of Anjanadri, “movie” follows the journey of Hanumanthu, portrayed by Teja Sajja, a petty thief bestowed with the powers of Lord Hanuman. As he confronts the antagonist Michael, who seeks to acquire formidable superhuman abilities, Hanumanthu embarks on a mission to protect the inhabitants of Anjanadri. With plans for future installments already in motion, including “Jai HanuMan” and “Adhira,” director Prasanth Varma aims to expand the cinematic universe of “HanuMan” while continuing to explore new narrative dimensions.

Produced by Primeshow Entertainment, “movie” boasts a stellar ensemble cast featuring Amritha Aiyer, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, and Vinay Rai, further enhancing the film’s appeal to audiences. As “HanuMan” continues to soar at the box office, its unprecedented success serves as a testament to the enduring popularity of mythological narratives infused with contemporary storytelling elements.

Amidst the action-packed sequences and larger-than-life spectacle, “movie” also delivers powerful messages about courage, sacrifice, and the triumph of righteousness over tyranny. Through its thought-provoking themes and emotional resonance, the film leaves a lasting impact on audiences, inspiring reflection and introspection long after the credits roll.

Looking ahead, the success of “movie” paves the way for future installments and spin-offs, expanding the cinematic universe created by director Prasanth Varma. With plans for sequels such as “Jai HanuMan” and “Adhira” already in motion, fans can look forward to further explorations of this captivating world and its compelling characters.

“movie” emerges as more than just a box office sensation; it represents a triumph of storytelling, creativity, and cultural resonance, captivating audiences with its compelling narrative and unforgettable characters. As the film’s legacy continues to unfold, it stands as a shining example of the power of cinema to inspire, entertain, and unite audiences across the globe.


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