VET EXPO 2024- PAWS LEARNING & Research Council (PLRC)


Since its genesis in 2019, PAWS Learning & Research Council, India (PLRC) – registered with the Government of India – has been working for the upliftment of pet animal health care and industry under the banner of the Indian Pet Industry Forum (IPIF). PLRC has organised numerous hands-on workshops and CE programs aimed at up-skilling experienced and prospective vets as well as bringing pioneering (medical/veterinarian) technology to India. In unison with the Government’s Start up India initiative, PLRC too, strives for the recognition of entrepreneurship in the pet industry. 


These efforts to encourage start-ups and skill improvement translate into greater job opportunities, productivity, private investments and development – that subsequently boost our nation’s GDP. Consequently, such injections into the circular flow of income increase India’s competitiveness and competence as a leading manufacturer of pet medicines, companion animal research (R&D), vaccines, accessories, pet toys etc. 


PAWS Learning & Research Council ( PLRC) India 🇮🇳 Has organised their 4th Indian VETexpo-24 on 21st , 22nd & 23rd at A P Shinde Symposium Hall, ICAR complex PUSA, New Delhi. 

It was attended by more than 500 veterinarians from all across the country and few from Neighbouring countries. 

This time the theme of the conference was Rangla Punjab. 

There were two foreign speakers and 4 Indian Speakers and they spoke on Feline, Canine and exotic animal treatment and care which help the attending vets to upgrade the knowledge & skill, which will improve the quality care of our pets and homeless animals. 

PAWS LEARNING & Research Council is working with Govt of India to formulate proper guidelines for vets, Breeders and per shops.


There were many research papers presented by many young vets and students. 

There were awards for pet industry, young entrepreneurs, young Scientist Awards, Golden Personality of the pet industry.


Vet of the year award given to 4 practicing vets from all across the country. 

There were a lot of entertainment performances depicting Punjab Culture during the gala dinner. 

This event was very informative for young vets and students and covered by many social and print media.

It was an excellent opportunity for me to update my knowledge, it will be very useful in my practice. Said by the delegate from chennai.


Young veterinarian were very eager and willing to learn new things and it was very amazing experience for me. said by one of the foreign speaker Dr. Tom

There was poster presentation competition held during event, there were more than 25 poster presented by students of different university  and they were awardes by young scientist award

Overall it was a very happening event. Product of the year prize has been given based on different  preference products.

There were many new techniques to be learned for young vets and improve their skill and confidence.

This workshop was highly appreciated by speakers and delegate, 

And rated it better than any international workshop.

PAWS LEARNING & Research Council is grateful to all the vets who made it happen, PAWS LEARNING & Research Council will again organize this event in 2025.


Warm regards 

Dr R T Sharma 

President, PAWS india

Director : PLRC India

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