PM Narendra Modi

PM Narendra Modi to Unveil ‘Bharat Mart’ in UAE , Discover Its Significance

PM Narendra Modi Empowering Move: Inauguration of Bharat Mart in UAE Unveils New Economic Horizons

Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s forthcoming inauguration of Bharat Mart, a groundbreaking warehousing facility for Indian Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Dubai, marks a significant milestone in India’s quest for global economic expansion. Scheduled to be launched soon, Bharat Mart promises to revolutionize the trading landscape by providing a unified platform for Indian exporters to showcase their diverse range of products under one roof, akin to China’s renowned ‘Dragon Mart’.

While the exact operational details are yet to be finalized, Bharat Mart is expected to be fully operational by 2025, offering a sprawling area exceeding 100,000 square meters within the Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA), managed by DP World.

PM Narendra Modi
PM Narendra Modi

At its core, Bharat Mart embodies a multifaceted approach, encompassing warehousing, retail, and hospitality facilities to cater to the diverse needs of traders and entrepreneurs. Its comprehensive infrastructure will include retail showrooms, offices, warehouses, and auxiliary amenities, accommodating a wide array of goods ranging from heavy machinery to perishable items. Moreover, plans are underway to establish a robust digital platform facilitating seamless transactions for global buyers, thereby enhancing accessibility and convenience.

The strategic significance of Bharat Mart is underscored by the ambitious trade targets set by India and the UAE, aiming to double their non-petroleum trade to $100 billion by 2030 under the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA). Reflecting on this endeavor, an official emphasized the imperative of establishing a trading hub in the UAE, inspired by China’s successful model, to bolster India’s export capabilities on a global scale. Chief Operating Officer of Parks and Zones at DP World GCC, Abdulla Al Hashmi, affirmed Bharat Mart’s potential to emerge as a pivotal distribution hub, facilitating the seamless export of Indian-made products to international markets.

PM Narendra Modi
PM Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Modi’s visit to the UAE further solidifies the burgeoning bilateral ties between the two nations. His warm reception by UAE President Al Nahyan, characterized by gestures of friendship and mutual respect, underscores the strength of the strategic partnership. Grateful for the BAPS Hindu Temple, a testament to the enduring bonds between India and the UAE, PM Narendra Modi reiterated the temple’s significance as a symbol of mutual affection and cultural exchange.

In addition to inaugurating Bharat Mart, PM Narendra Modi visit has paved the way for substantial advancements in trade and connectivity. The signing of a pact for a trade corridor linking Europe with India through select Middle Eastern regions via sea and rail routes demonstrates a shared commitment to fostering economic cooperation and regional integration. These initiatives, backed by international support, are poised to bolster trade ties and promote sustainable development across participating regions.

As PM Narendra Modi embarks on the next leg of his visit, including bilateral meetings with UAE leaders and the virtual inauguration of Bharat Mart, his presence symbolizes India’s proactive engagement on the global stage. By leveraging platforms like Bharat Mart and fostering strategic partnerships, India aims to carve a niche in the global marketplace, catalyzing economic growth and prosperity for its citizens and partners alike.

Furthermore, PM Narendra Modi two-day visit to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) underscores the depth of India’s engagement with one of its closest strategic partners in West Asia. Beyond the inauguration of Bharat Mart, PM Modi is poised to embark on a series of high-level meetings aimed at further strengthening bilateral ties and exploring avenues for collaboration across various sectors.

Of particular significance is PM Narendra Modi scheduled inauguration of the BAPS Hindu Mandir in Abu Dhabi, marking the establishment of the first Hindu temple in the capital city. This landmark event not only signifies the cultural richness and diversity of India but also serves as a testament to the strong cultural ties between India and the UAE. The temple stands as a symbol of mutual respect, tolerance, and harmony, reflecting the shared values that underpin the bilateral relationship.

PM Narendra Modi
PM Narendra Modi

In addition to these ceremonial events, PM Modi’s visit holds substantial implications for economic cooperation between India and the UAE. With both countries committed to enhancing trade and investment flows, discussions during the visit are expected to focus on key areas of mutual interest, including infrastructure development, renewable energy, and technology collaboration. The signing of agreements and Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) during the visit is poised to further solidify the foundation for enhanced economic cooperation and bilateral trade relations.

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