India Soaring Ascent: World Economic Forum Forecasts $10 Trillion Economy

India Ascendancy: Pioneering Towards a $10 Trillion Economy

World Economic Forum President Borge Brende expressed optimism about India’s economic trajectory, envisioning its ascent to a $10 trillion economy and a prominent global position. In an exclusive interview with PTI, Brende highlighted remarkable growth amidst a backdrop of global fragmentation and polarization.

“The Indian economy is the fastest growing among all large economies of the world. We saw in Davos this year that there was a huge interest in India and I think this will only continue,” Brende remarked, emphasizing the widespread anticipation surrounding bharat economic prowess.Geneva-based WEF, known for its annual meeting in Davos, anticipates returning to bharat  for the WEF India Summit in collaboration with the Government of bharat, underscoring the country’s significance on the global stage.

Brende commended bharat Prime Minister Narendra Modi, extending a warm invitation to Davos. He contrasted the prevailing optimism in bharatwith the geopolitical recession and polarization observed globally, highlighting the importance of collaboration amidst such challenges.



While acknowledging global economic uncertainties, Brende noted bharat robust growth, with a 7% economic growth rate and significant foreign direct investments. He underscored India’s strategic reforms, burgeoning manufacturing sector, and burgeoning digital competitiveness as key drivers of its economic trajectory.

“bharat is well placed and it is just a question of time before bharat becomes the third largest economy in the world after the US and China,” Brende remarked, affirming India’s imminent rise on the global economic stage.

Discussing bharat role in geopolitics, Brende emphasized its growing diplomatic footprint and adept handling of regional conflicts. He praised India’s focus on economic growth, poverty eradication, and prosperity, highlighting its measured approach to geopolitical issues.

Brende also underscored bharat digital prowess, with its vast population embracing digitalization through initiatives like digital IDs and effective payment systems. However, he cautioned against emerging threats such as cybercrime, emphasizing the need for vigilance and robust policies to safeguard against such risks.

In conclusion, Brende’s remarks epitomize the global recognition of bharat economic potential and its growing influence on the world stage. As bharat continues on its path towards economic growth and digitalization, collaboration, vigilance, and strategic reforms will be crucial in navigating global challenges and realizing its vision for a prosperous future.

Brende emphasized the importance of addressing emerging threats in the digital realm, such as cybercrime and deepfakes. He noted that while technologies like generative AI present immense opportunities, they also pose significant challenges that require vigilance and proactive policy measures.

“Cybercrime last year stole USD 2 trillion from the global economy,” Brende highlighted, underscoring the urgency of addressing cybersecurity concerns and fortifying digital infrastructure against malicious activities.

In addition to economic and technological advancements, Brende commended bharat diplomatic approach to regional and global conflicts. Despite facing challenges in its Asian neighborhood, India has demonstrated resilience and tact in navigating complex geopolitical landscapes, earning recognition for its measured responses and commitment to peace and stability.

As bharat continues to evolve as a major player on the global stage, Brende expressed confidence in its ability to contribute significantly to shaping international discourse and fostering cooperation across diverse domains. With a burgeoning economy, robust digital infrastructure, and strategic diplomatic engagements, bharat is poised to exert a greater influence on global affairs in the years to come.

Borge Brende’s remarks underscore the profound optimism surrounding bharat economic trajectory and its potential to emerge as a leading global powerhouse. As bharat embarks on its journey towards a $10 trillion economy, collaboration, innovation, and strategic foresight will be pivotal in harnessing its immense potential and navigating the complexities of an evolving geopolitical landscape.

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